All work and no play....

I took off work today because my son's birthday party is this weekend and because with my evenings committed to Vacation Bible School at our church, I had exactly zero free time to get my yard and house in order for said party.

Sooooo....Mama's been busy today.

And I'm only sitting here long enough to eat a bowl of popcorn which will serve as my early-mid-afternoon snack (at 12:30) because I ate at 10-something.

Yard is mowed.

Half of it is weedeated as I'm too pathetic to pull start as gas mower and have to wait on my batteries to recharge to weedeat the other half.

All my furniture is moved off the back patio as it will be power-washed....eventually.

I already power-washed the carport, driveway, sidewalk and front porch.

Needless to say, my arms feel like jello and will be screaming bloody-murder at me tomorrow.

But that's okay. Because I dread more what I have to do this afternoon than what I have to endure tomorrow. (Or Friday, because sometimes it takes two days to for your muscles to fully get into that "I'm going to kick your butt for this" gear).

Baby boy is getting his shots today.

We got for our four-year exam and pre-school physical today, which also entails shots that we've not had to have in two years.

So.....wish me luck!


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