Back on my Feet Again

I'm alive!!!

♫ Hallelujah! ♫

I have a cough that's helping to exorcise all the lung boogers from my body and I have some sleep to catch up on. I stopped taking my darvocet because one single pill was acting more like 6 espresso shots or speed or crack or something (my experience with the latter two being nil, but I work in a jail, so I'm basing that off the experiences of others with the substances). But the unexpected side effect lead me to believe that I could clean my whole house, do dishes, laundry, and heck...even mop the floors on Wednesday when I should have been passed out in bed letting my body recover.

But other than that.....

My boy is leaving me today.

My family is going to Oklahoma to see a cousin get married and my parents offered to take Ty with them so he can see Grandma Real (my grandma) and so I could get some rest over the weekend and finish recouperating.

We're only going to be apart till Sunday. So I'm telling myself it's only one day, really, since I got to see him this morning and will hopefully be well enough to snuggle the heck out of him on Sunday.

So to get by I had my mom take a quick picture of me and my boy so I can stare wistfully at it all weekend long while I'm missing him.

And I snapped several pictures of him on the ride over to their house to drop him and his bags off before work. I just snapped away and pretended I didn't realize he was being silly.

And just one last parting shot of Ty riding one of his new bikes (He has a new one at our house and a new one at their house, now)

For those of you waiting on the announcement of who won the Rolled Canvas print from the giveaway last wednesday....stay tuned. I'm still waiting on an email from but as soon as I give it I'll post with the winner and try to get in touch with them to let them know how to claim their prize!


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