Cousin Murphy

Ahh, Cousin Murphy has come to visit.

I mentioned in my last blog that I'm a little stressed about how the birthday party is going to go off.

Some obstacles have arisen.

First, there's the fact that our church is having Vacation Bible School every night this week.

Which is not a bad thing by any means.

The problem with this is that the day is limited to 24 hours. Sleep is 8, work is 8, getting ready for work and getting to and from work and daycare takes about a 2 hour window, supper takes about a one hour window, bath-time and getting ready for bed is another hour. That leaves me about 5 hours to work with. Except that VBS is 2.5 hours. Which leaves me 2.5 hours a night. And keep in mind that I have a kid, so that really gives me somewhere in the vicinity of an hour, maybe, to get things done.

So the problem is that my day is not long enough.

But that's okay, because I have family to help me out. My sister said she'd do Ty's cake that I'm going to put candles on that spell out "Happy Birthday". And she's going to help me ice the cupcakes, too, since she's the cake decorator wiz and I'm absolutely not.

Oh.....that's right. Remember in my last blog where I said she's having surgery today?

But, she did bake a cake that she left to me to ice.

Which didn't turn out so well. Even though I left it to a more experienced cake decorator than myself. My mom.

Ty came in and saw it and asked what it was.

"A cake"

He then responded with obvious disappointment in his voice "Is that for my birthday party?"

We giggled as we informed him it was.

"I don't like it."

So the general consensus was to scrap it.

Which means I've got to bake another cake and ice it. Except I'm going to do it more simpler than the creation my sister left to me.

Her icing skills do not equal my icing skills. My icing skills range in the KISS method.

Keep it simple, stupid.

And the cupcakes she was going to help me ice.

They were going to look like this....

I'm kinda thinking this will be the result now.

Maybe I'll surprise myself.....

Who knows.

But that's not the only problem, either.

My son is having a reaction to one of his shots.

His arm is swollen and red and itchy and has a fever in that spot. I talked to the Dr's office today and they said it's probably from the tetanus vaccine that was in the shot in that arm. If it starts to spread further down his arm or isn't better in a few days, we need to get him to a Dr. But I hope that he doesn't get sick or isn't feeling bad for his party.

Soooooo........wish me luck as I hurdle obstacles while cake baking, decorating, and cooking!!

I'll be sure to document the endeavour with pictures, no matter how it all turns out!


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