A Different Direction of Thought

I have a cousin visiting me for the weekend. She's down for my son's birthday party this weekend.

The birthday party that is now stressing me out!

Had I known we would have VBS every night the week before the party.....I would have had it last weekend and just accepted no one would attend because of the Fourth. Because I have, literally, about two hours each night to get things done. And cooking, eating and getting ready for bed have to fit into those two hours as well.

So.....I'm feeling overwhelmed.

But that's not the point of the blog. Nor is the fact that here also, I'll pause for a moment and ask prayers for my sister who had an ovarian cyst rupture last week and the fluid and swelling has distended into her abdomen and she's having laproscopic surgery right now to hopefully take care of it and reduce the pain she's been in.

So, if you can type with your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for her, it would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, now that the priorities are out of the way. On to the blog topic.

So my cousin is down and we're laying in bed last night before going to sleep and we're talking and chit-chatting. And, of course, with two girls, the topic of guys comes up.

Because she has a beau.

And he's a great guy and she's really smitten with him even though she's not the type to really gush and go on and on about him.

I can tell.

She might be my cousin, but she feels more like a sister.

So we're laying there talking about guys and she asks me about guys and friends around here.

Because I live in a little bitty town. And outside of my family, sad to say, my friends are very few. And friends that actually spend time hanging out with me....well, that's a goose-egg.

But I'm okay with it. Because my family is my priority. My son is my priority. And while I don't get that people let that be a reason not to come around, it still is the reason they don't come around and all I can do is accept it and not let it bother me.

So my little cousin, being just as wise as her older cousin (me, of course) tells me that she thinks I need to find a guy older than me (definitely, I agree. I'm sick of the younger guys) who already has a kid. Who already has his priorities in the same place as mine.

And while I'd never thought of it before, it makes absolutely perfect sense.

Because it's so much easier when someone already has the same priorities as you.

Cause my child is my absolute priority.

And parents understand that.

So a man with a child would understand that.

Because I can't make a man my everything.

But I might can make him a close second.

I'd never really considered this before. I actually always shied away from guys with kids because I just didn't think I could ever love another woman's child as much as I love my own.

But yet there are examples all around me of people who have done exactly that.

And I have a lot of love to give. And a lot of affection and attention, among other things. Why would I think I couldn't be a good mom to another child when I'm already a good mom to my own?

So I had a different path of thought open up ahead of me last night. And I think it'd be a smart road to travel down.

It's just one of those things that make sense. One of those things that I wonder why it hasn't already crossed my mind.


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