I'm conscious now.

I went to the doctor yester.....wait....Monday. I have no clue what day it is today.

Oh, my computer says it's Tuesday.

So yesterday. I went to the doctor yesterday.

He checked me over, listened to me breathe, sat and listened to me explain all my symptoms, asked questions, asked about The Boy and The Family.

That's why I love my doctor.

He's not only good and thorough but he listens to me and he cares about his patients. How many doctors take the time to remember your whole family, your boss, where you work, and some of your hobbies? I'm guessing not many.

So he checked me over and sent me to get a flu swab and chest x-rays.

Flu swab came back negative.

Chest x-rays looked good.

So no flu (of any type) and no pneumonia.

After getting the results he came and sat down with me and told me what antibiotic he was going to give me and that, even though I have viral bronchitis, he was prescribing an antibiotic anyway because it would help with the chest congestion and just in case I had some tick fever going on it would help knock that out.

He offered me a pain killer because I'm extremely achy all over and can't sit still for too long because my whole body hurts. I requested something mild, not too powerful.

So he wrote my prescriptions and told me I should feel much better within 48 hours but if I'm not, I need to come back and we'll do a blood test and go from there.

So, I came home, got my prescriptions filled ($7.32 in prescriptions, you can't beat that!), and went to sleep. My parents picked Ty up from daycare for me and then brought him by after I woke up.

Then this morning, Mama picked Ty up and took him to daycare for me. My sister brought me egg-drop soup for lunch and made me some homemade chicken noodle soup for supper. She took Ty home with her from daycare, even though she's not feeling well herself right now.

To say the least, my family has been nothing short of amazing right now. This is the sickest I've been in a long time but they're making it so much easier to deal with through all the love, care, and help they've given me.

I've taken a total of 5 baths today because that's the quickest and easiest way to get relief from the body aches. I just got out of the 5th one a bit ago and feel much better than I've felt all day (though still far from recovered, unfortunately). My aches are probably 2/3 of what they were. I'm actually a little warm right now instead of freezing, like I've done all day (course, my thermostat is set to 80, so that's probably why I'm warm)

My fever has ranged from 99 to almost 103. It's currently back at 99.

My chest is uber congested and my cough sounds like that of a life-long smoker. And because my throat is constrained my voice is a little squeaky and hoarse. Thought my throat doesn't hurt (Thank goodness!!)

Ty's at my parents house tonight. They offered to let me stay there, too, but to be honest I'm not sure I could make it up the stairs right now (I had to switch the prescription lids over to where they weren't childproof because I was almost too weak to open them earlier). I also just want my bed. I'm having a hard time getting and staying comfortable so I really want my bed.

I have some brownies in the oven. That just sounded soooo good. So I'm treating myself.

I think that's about all in the news of my world. I'm still alive, and currently conscious. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, too.


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