Make a Mistake With Me

Ahhhh....I have a million things to be doing right now, but instead I'm sitting down at the computer because my feet have raised their voice and began shouting obscenities at me.

Therefore I must appease them, and the rest of my body, which is apparently upset with me, too.

Mistake #1: Thinking that the shoes I wore to my Jr. Prom ten years ago would be comfortable enough to spend the day in as they were already broken in. Even though they've collected dust for two plus years.... However, four inch heels feel like ten inch heels when you spend almost six hours in them. No matter how broken in they are, they're going to hurt like the dickens after a while.

Mistake #2: Thinking I didn't have enough boobs to require wearing a tank under my low-cut dress. Sure, it kept me cooler because the dress has a shirred waist on it that's quite....insulating, but the extra energy used in keeping my boobs tucked in the dress probably made me hotter than I probably would have been if I'd have just covered my little goose-bumps up in the first place.

Mistake #3: Going to a wedding when I'm still dealing with the Single Woman Blues. Because it's just a giant boost to the ol' self-esteem to see a hundred couples that are several years younger than you that have already tied the knot and found their happily ever after. I imagine it's the equivalent of a woman who's been trying to conceive for several years going to yet another baby shower for a woman who either accidentally or easily got pregnant.

Mistake #4: Not drinking a hot cuppa Joe this morning. I've been rockin' a headache since about 10 am this morning (for the record, it's almost 8 pm and it's just now letting up because I caved and had a couple cups of coffee after the last three doses of Tylenol have failed to even act like they were going to help me.)

Mistake #5: Similar to mistake #4, except that I only had one bacon and tomato sandwich to last me all day long. Once I finally got to eat, by golly, I wanted to just open my mouth and inhale in everything in sight.

Mistake #6: Seeing a guy I'd love to date but have no chemistry with at a wedding. And his awesome parents were there too (who will be awesome in-laws for a girl someday). And he was in a tux. And I'd love to date him. But there's no chemistry there. Oh, and we're kinda in this awkward point in our friendship because of it. So it was all the more awkward by the fact that he's there, at a wedding, in a tux and I'd love to date him. But I have no chemistry with him. Boo.

Mistake #6: Sitting down. Cause now I don't want to get up and do the whole laundry/house cleaning/packing thing.

But I gotta.



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