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I still want to get the Camp Recap out in written word while it's still fresh enough in my mind to do so, but I can't seem to stay conscious enough to actually do it (Darvocet....need I say anything more?).

So, I decided to cheat, and I'm sure all of you will forgive me given my current state-of-being.

Since basically all I could do last week was Twitter via text message, and again, since I've been sick, that's been about the best I could do even here from home at some points. So I decided I'd just put those here and let them tell the story for me.

My little boy is SO excited to be going to church camp! Too cute!!
7:23 AM Jul 20th from txt

Forgot my pillows on my dining room table in Wal Mart we go!
11:55 AM Jul 20th from txt

In Mena with the youth kids, about to grab some grub before being condemned to camp food for a week.
12:25 PM Jul 20th from txt

Headed back to The Bogg. Song of the day: Friday on my Mind. Wish us luck!
1:43 PM Jul 20th from txt

Driving into a storm. Yay that I packed the umbrellas. Boo that we're in the van and they're in the cabin.
1:57 PM Jul 20th from txt

Ty got a hole in one!!
3:02 PM Jul 20th from txt

Crud! Sat my heels out to wear with my dress and forgot in a hurry and wore my flip flops! Classy!
6:56 PM Jul 20th from txt

Climbing a mountain. The boy is trying to convince me to let him tee tee somewhere.
5:28 PM Jul 21st from txt

Everyone told me to bring snacks. I assumed because of bad food, not tiny servings.
5:30 PM Jul 21st from txt

Woo hoo! Standing on one leg with right pinkie toe on touched to left ear but I have cell service! Hurray!
9:26 PM Jul 21st from txt

Teenage crushes and drama.....gosh I don't miss those days!
10:01 PM Jul 21st from txt

Absolutely entertaining round of 'would you rather' at late night tonight!!
10:39 PM Jul 21st from txt

Ty turned his nose up at the Bogg Breakfast Burrito. Don't blame him. I wouldn't have eaten it if I weren't used to jail food.
8:24 AM Jul 22nd from txt

Skinny girl isn't satisfied with lunch. Either I eat too much or they serve too little. 5 more meals til freedom.
12:15 PM Jul 22nd from txt

Headed to Mena for a Wal Mart run. Dare I hope for real food while there...?
3:58 PM Jul 22nd from txt

Eating McDonald's. Heaven! I might even almost get full!
5:15 PM Jul 22nd from txt

Quote of the day: "Wouldn't that cow be a choking hazard?"
6:02 PM Jul 22nd from txt

Wow. Convo in girls cabin spawns topic of what type of underwear Jesus wore. Never saw that one coming...
6:59 PM Jul 22nd from txt

The whole camp singing the national anthem. Awesome.
11:05 PM Jul 22nd from txt

Incredible message this morning! All ten toes stepped on in a good way. God said GO!
11:02 AM Jul 23rd from txt

Wow...the bogg has WiFi. Hooked up to find 156 new messages in my inbox and 330 blogs in my Google Reader.
1:41 PM Jul 23rd from web

@beechgrovembc (my pastor, who was at the camp, too) We have 2 connections with only 2 bars of service. It's not reliable, but better than nothing!
3:30 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Ty and I are heading up the mountain!
3:35 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Aargh! Got to the top of the mountain and my camera battery dies!! Just my luck!!
3:55 PM Jul 23rd from txt

The kid is a champion, he makes it up the mountain and then runs, dead out for about 400 yards!!
4:02 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Bad news...we might be a little off of the trail....but we're not alone...which is how we got lost...
4:39 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Longest mountain hike ever. Will never follow teenagers again.....
5:14 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Back from our adventure. Scratches everywhere. Off to enjoy worship services.
7:06 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Getting the bags packed and ready for the trip home tomorrow morning!
9:22 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!!
7:47 AM Jul 24th from txt

Rockin out on the church bus to Queen's 'Somebody to Love'. The kids are unimpressed with my life's theme song.
9:49 AM Jul 24th from txt

Home Sweet Home!!! Ty came in and instantly turned on his Thomas the Train movie! Guess I know what he missed most!
11:24 AM Jul 24th from web

And now the twitters documenting my less-than-lovely adventures with Viral Bronchitis.

Uh oh....itchy throat, watery eyes, headache, cough, and mild fever...ewwww. Please don't let me end up with the crud!
3:42 PM Jul 26th from web

feels terrible. achy all over and chills. Please let this be gone by morning....
5:35 PM Jul 26th from web

Hard night last night. Barely slept. Going to the Dr. today as all symptoms have only gotten worse. Boo.
7:45 AM Jul 27th from web

Sitting in the waiting room at the Dr's office. Wishing I could curl into a ball and go to sleep.
12:22 PM Jul 27th from txt

Two hours in the waiting room. I could be sleeping and getting some of the rest I lost last night.
12:38 PM Jul 27th from txt

Almost 3 hours later and I'm finally in an exam room waiting for the Dr.
1:24 PM Jul 27th from txt

Ewww....they just swabbed my nose.
2:19 PM Jul 27th from txt

Flu swab was negative, x-rays looked good. Viral bronchitis. Antibiotics and pain meds.
3:01 PM Jul 27th from txt

Darvocet-1, Ashley-0.
8:19 PM Jul 27th from txt

(really long gap in time here due to unconsciousness caused by Darvocet)

Really craving brownies but don't know if I can fight off the pain meds long enough to bake some....
about 14 hours ago from txt

still feeling pretty bad, but starting to feel a little better than I was.
about 12 hours ago from web

just got a phone call from my Little Man. He's the sweetest thing EVER!!
about 12 hours ago from web

Ewwww. Gross. That was the weirdest, nastiest lung booger I've ever coughed up.
about 2 hours ago from txt

Scale of 1 to 10: Today is a 6 (compared to yesterday's 2, that's great!) Hoping to be well enough to return to work tomorrow.
11 minutes ago from web

So that brings me back to where I am now.

And I feel so very blessed. I have had an outpouring of prayers, thoughts, concerns, well-wishes, just....everything. And it's come from everywhere. The Blogosphere, the Twittersphere, my local community. There have been so many people and so many messages that even if the medicine weren't making me feel better, all this love and compassion could surely be healing in itself.

So thank you. To all of you.

Your simple thoughts, messages, and prayers have touched me so very deeply and I'm grateful for each and every one of you.


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