Not Feeling It

The worst part, to me, about 'talking' or 'dating' or talking about dating is when you realize that you must have somehow missed the "Dead End" sign at the beginning of that road; when you realize you were so focused on a new adventure and giving things a chance that you didn't even process everything around you the way you otherwise would have.

And the worst part is that you're the one that realized it's a dead end. You're the one who now has to turn around and go back because you can't get to where you're going if the road stops.

So you're left with the unpleasant task of drawing their attention to the facts in front of them....the facts that they might not even realize, recognize, or accept. A few years ago, this is where a guy tried to enter into a debate with me at this point. As if that would suddenly make me think the sun shines out his derriere.

Today, there was no debate, no argument, nothing of that sort. But there was a touch of disappointment and an attitude that he thought I was too good for him anyway, and that it was just a matter of time before (in my words not his) I would see that I was a princess with a toad that was nothing more than a toad.

And that hurt my feelings for him.

Because that's not what this was about. This was about two people who just weren't right for each other. This was about the fact that there was no chemistry, no connection, and very little interaction between us.

But all he could think was that he's just a simple country boy and I'm this classy, intelligent woman and that he'd never be able to find a woman like me who actually wanted him.

And all I could think to tell him was how that wasn't true. He really is a prince. He's just not my prince.


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