Today's the Day!!

Today is my boy's fourth birthday!! How in the heck did that happen!?!
I went to wake him up this morning singing Happy Birthday and then, when the song was over and he'd only rolled over to face away from me, I asked him whose birthday it was.
"Nobody's" he told me as he pulled the cover over his head.
"Nobodys?! Well, I guess nobody is going to get to open all these presents then!"
Of course his head shot up at the mention of presents and he was off to the races!
He was so precious opening all the presents! He started first with his books and puzzles. To the point that it looked like that's all I'd gotten him for a bit! He was so excited to open not just one, but FOUR Thomas & Friends movies. He instantly jumped up and put them in the cabinet of the Entertainment Center where our DVD's go.
Then he opened his pool and was so excited because he gets to swim again!! (His plastic pool broke a few weeks ago so I got him a bigger, nicer inflatable one!)
He loved his Gator Golf game, especially when it shot the ball back out with his tail! He squealed and thought that was so cool!
And the Operation game, he loved! Although he turned it off because he didn't want to "hear that noise!"
Goofy kid!
So, it's been a great birthday so far! This afternoon he goes to Nana & PaPaw's where he'll get a new bicycle and a digger for his new sandbox!! (Daddy came over Saturday afternoon and laid the rest of the crossties and dumped a truckload of sand in it, they're going today to get another truckload that will hopefully finish filling it up!)
This evening, and all week long we have VBS at our church, so we have a full week, but we're started off right!
Even if all I can do is think about how quickly my boy is growing up!!
So, I think I'll bring you along for my trip down memory lane.

Still in the hospital. July 2005

Me and my brand new baby boy. July 2005

September 2005

Sitting up in time for Christmas. December 2005

Snoozing in the red wagon after a walk. January 2006

Mama and boy. March 2006.

Excited to be walking!! May 2006.

August 2006.

At the zoo--October 2006

Riding our stuffed horsey in the Dr.'s office. July 2007

And riding our stuffed possum later that day!! July 2007

Snoozing in the car with our drumsticks. August 2007

Cowboy Ty. October 2007

Ty--November 2007

Ty and Caden (cousin)--November/December 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007

In his conductor's hat at Fordyce on the Cotton Belt--April 2008

On our family cruise. May 2008

May 2008

Petting a monkey in Cozumel, MX. May 2008

We were both shocked by the snake!!! May 2008

My beautiful boy. July 2008

Chasing parachutes in his pullup with PaPaw--July 2008

At his 3rd Birthday Party in July 2008

After our first trip to the ER in September 2008.

September 2008 (he fell asleep on the side of his Wagon Bed this way!

Mama and Boy--October 2008

October 2008

At the park. March 2009

Flowers for Mama--March 2009

Love the heart-shaped light on his chest. April 2009

Upset that cousin drove off on his four-wheeler (that he wasn't riding at the time). April 2009

Getting happy before getting his first cavity filled. April 2009

With his girlfriend, Kendall, and cousin Caden. April 2009

Playing in the sprinkler. April 2009

At Fordyce on the Cotton Belt--April 2009

At Disney on Ice--April 2009

Spiderman Ty--May 2009

Super Ty--May 2009

Being silly. July 5, 2009.

July 5, 2009.

Opening presents this morning (he likes to sleep "naked" in just his pullup).

He was excited about all his Thomas stuff he got!

Playing Gator Golf.
I can't believe my boy's FOUR!!! It just goes by too quickly!! Guess I better start saving now for his first vehicle and college, looks like it really will be here before I know it!!


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