Another milestone....

Today was the day!! A day late, but not a dollar short!!

Ty's first day of school was supposed to have been yesterday, but due to his tonsillitis, we delayed it till today to make sure he was going to stay fever-free.

So I set my alarm for 6:00 (instead of 6:45) and laid down last night making mental plans about how best to get us both up and around in time to have him bathed, dressed, fed, and at school on time.

However, my wake-up-call came at 5:30.


So off I trod to his room to discover he needed some water for his throat.

Easy enough and back to bed I went.

Five minutes later he's whimpering.

So back to his room.

His leg hurts. Those mean growing pains have been terrible to him lately.

I talked to him and soothed him and told him he only had a little bit longer to sleep so if he could not think about his leg, he might be able to get a few more winks. (I was planning to get him up at 6:30 so I'd have time to wash up and start my day off before I had to wake him up).

He told me he was going back to sleep.

So I went back to my bed, praying for the fifteen more minutes of sleep that I might possibly be able to get.

No dice.

So I rolled out of bed earlier than I'd planned.

The morning routine went pretty painlessly. If you didn't know any better, you'd think it was a well-greased machine.

So off to the school we went.

When we arrived, we tracked down his teacher and she told us all the things we missed out on hearing yesterday morning. Then we went to the cafeteria where they have a pre-school assembly. He didn't want to sit down, no matter how much Nana instructed him or tried to coax him (Nana & PaPaw came to see his first day, too!).

And then the teacher led them all to class.

This was the only hiccup in our day as he wanted to stay with PaPaw. But we had work and he had school.

And off he went.

My little boy.....but he's not so little any more.


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