Boob or Bottle?

I've read more than one blog lately that are on one side or the other of the breast-feeding drama that continually plagues the world of motherhood.

Why is is that this is such a heated topic?

I can't help but scratch my head at why one woman would think she has the right to label me and other bottle-feeding mothers as "bad mothers" simply because breast-feeding wasn't the decision we made--for one reason or another.

I have no right to label such women as 'obsessive', 'judgmental', 'critical' or 'fanatical'. Why should I?

We have a difference of opinions

While I give props to the women all over the world who knew that breastfeeding was hands-down what was right for her and her child and who could commit to the time, dedication and discipline it takes to breast-feed, I also give props to the women around the world who can stand up to the pressure and name-calling and go "You know's just not for me".

That was my decision.

It wasn't for me.

I didn't like the idea, I wasn't comfortable with the idea, and--in my opinion--there was no good-outweighing-the-bad to make me even consider the idea.

I was bottle fed and I'm a healthy, brilliant woman.

I didn't suffer in any way, shape, or form.

But yet I was verbally abused because of my decision to give my child souped-up formula that is sometimes more nutritionally complete than breast milk. I saw it as a win-win for me. I could eat what I wanted, feedings weren't limited to me-and-only-me, and I knew without a doubt that my child was getting--nutritionally--everything that he should be getting, plus all sorts of good enzymes and such that my body may or may not be supplying enough of. Where was the bad in this?

Oh, and I didn't have cracked, sore, or bleeding boobs. So yay for that, too, because I had enough on my plate with a less-than-ideal recovery from my cesarean.

And as it turns out, I might not have been able to breast-feed anyway because of all of the souped up antibiotics and pain-killers I wound up on.

But yet I was told that I didn't love my child.

I was told that I was condemning my child to poor health and sickness.

I was told that I was a bad mother.

But look at me now?

There's not a thing about me that qualifies as a bad mother.

And look at my child.

My healthy, happy, intelligent, and active child.

Where is he worse off than a breast-fed baby?

How is he less loved than a breast-fed baby?

Breastfeeding isn't a requirement. It's a choice.

And I feel I made the right choice for me and my son.

I don't get where that gives me the right to call anyone else names, and I certainly don't get where that gives anyone else the right to call me a name.

We're mothers.

That's the only name we need.

And those of us that are good mothers make the decisions we feel in our heart is the best decision for our child and our family.

Good mothers can see that sometimes what's best for someone else's child isn't necessarily what's best for our child.


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