Boys Will Be Boys

Text messages from tonight....

Really Awesome Guy: So what's going on there?

Me: Well, Ty just told me we don't drink TeeTee or eat PooPoo and while I'm relieved to know he understands that, I'm scared to know what made him tell me that out of the blue....

Really Awesome Guy: Hmmm...a little shocking to say the least

Me: Yes....and I think I decided not to ask why he told me that...I really don't think I'd want to know....

Really Awesome Guy: Nope just let that one go

Me: Never saw that one coming though. One minute I was painting a train on his face (like on his Thomas movie) and the next he's telling me that....

Really Awesome Guy: Haha...well you can definitely use that one to embarass him when he gets older

Me: No doubt! There's definitely a blog in there somewhere, too!

Really Awesome Guy: Haha. Poor kid.


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