I'm Gonna Miss You

My life as I know it is about to change.

And I'm looking towards next Wednesday, our first day of school, with bittersweet tinglings in my heart.

I mean, I'm proud for my boy because he's so excited and ready to start school (for now at least) and I'm happy that he'll get to branch out, socially, and make new friends and learn even more than he's already learned these past four years.

But I'm so sad that we're already at that point of him starting school. It's like it's just the first step toward the independence he'll one day claim at the expense of my heart.

Not to mention the time on my alarm clock will have to be adjusted about a half hour just so we can get up, get fed, get dressed, and get out the door and to school on time. Especially next week when all the crazy folks come out to drive their kids to school.

I hope that one thing that doesn't change is how Ty and I part ways for the day.

Every day when I drop him off at daycare, he walks in the door and turns to me with his arms up. Depending on the wrinkle-factor of the clothes, I'll pick him up and hug him while he lays his head on my shoulder and plays with my hair, or I'll squat down to his level and he'll wrap his arms around me with his head on my shoulder and fingers in my hair.

It is the sweetest, most heart-warming part of the day.

And my very, very favorite part of the day.

I'll break down in tears the first time he denies me this sweet, special time that I cherish so much. I already know I will.

But maybe that won't happen. This year, at least.

Maybe he'll still hesitate and take time for a hug and a kiss and a snuggle before he starts his daily adventure at school.


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