Important Warning!!

See this?

First, let me say, if you mention the dirt still around the outside edge of it that I noticed after I took this photo and I'm not responsible for what I may or may not do to you.....

But the point of this post is to warn you.

All of you!

Because many of you have one of these in your house and there's something you should know about this.

The only thing you ever need to do to this thing is open it, change the filter, and close it.

Do not notice the dirt, dust, or whatever else that might be stuck to the nice white paint that used to cover it beautifully.

Don't do it.

Because then you might have the idea to clean it.

It's just one vent, right?


This is not one vent.

It is three-million-six-hundred-thousand-and-ninety-two individual little slots that must be cleaned.

It is also over your head and cannot be easily taken down for more comfortable or easier cleaning.

Which means that my neck, back, and shoulders will never forgive me.

Learn from my mistakes.

When your intake vent is covered in dust and filth, just look the other way.

Or buy a new one.


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