Manic Monday

My boss's mother passed away this past Friday, so her services are this morning at 10.

We're shutting the whole place down to a skeleton crew and basically everyone but the inmates are going to the funeral.

So, this will be quick.

First of all, how about some cuteness from our ride to school this morning?

The sun was in his face and his sunglasses were at the house, so he borrowed Mama's.

And look!!

He stopped and looked back at me this morning! He even got the door shut and stood outside of it while I rolled the window down.

"Bye, Mama"

"Bye, baby! Have fun!"

I melted completely.

And then he walked on up to the door and had one last glance back at Mama before disappearing inside.

Whether he'll miss me or not, he at least made my heart feel better!

In other news, Ty and I had a "date" with one of the teenage girls from church on Saturday.

We vegged on the couch and watched Bride Wars. Super cute movie

Of course, wedding movies always spur on wedding talk.

She asked where my dress was and wanted to see it.

The dress itself is being stored at my parents house, so I went to the computer and pulled up a few pictures I still have of me in my dress.

And Ty came over and saw.

"Mama! You're so beautiful in that dress!"

And Sarah and I both melted.

I love that kid. With all my heart and soul and every fiber of my being.

He makes my heart happy.


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