Out the Gates

It's Monday morning. Everyone's out the gates like horses at the track when the bell rings and stalls shoot open.

Except me. I'm that one green mare that kinda prances out the gate and tiptoes around.

That's how my Monday has started, except, instead of busting out at a sprint, I really want to turn around and head back to the barn.

Ty has tonsillitis.

He's been fighting fever since Friday evening. And his tonsils are huge and swollen and patchy and I've called in for some antibiotics but it might be this afternoon before they're even called into the pharmacy.

Which, I know, is how things work and I'm just being a mom and stressing and stuff.

But Baby Boy broke down on me this morning and my heart is in a million pieces over it right now. He's been such a champ all weekend, taking alternating doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen, drinking a gallon of apple juice, eating as much as he could of whatever didn't hurt his throat. He's been a rockstar (not that I expected anything less being that he is my child).

But all ego aside, he's been great and snuggly and lovey and warm. Definitely warm.

But this morning he reached a point that I so often reach. He's tired, he's hurting, and he's just sick of being sick. So he broke down crying that his mouth hurt him (mouth, throat......close enough to the same thing for him). And it was all I could do not to break down squawling in the middle of the bathroom floor with him.

A mama's heart is just not built to endure such things.

So he's with the grandparents instead.

But that wasn't me taking the coward's way out, they said yesterday that they'd be home if I needed them to keep him. And after this morning, I do.

I'm glad, however, to report that once we got to Nana & PaPaw's house his demeanor picked up and he was able to smile and be all coy when Nana wanted a hug.

Let's hope we get these antibiotics and they knock this stuff down and help my boy out.

I have a feeling, no matter how well they work, that we won't be starting school on Wednesday. So we'll just have to try and get him better as quickly as possible and then start his new adventure in Pre-K.

In other news, I walked into work this morning to hear a deputy requesting the jaws of life on a wreck.

First thing this morning.

Before I even had my coffee.

Bad and very difficult weeks always start out this way.

Crossing my fingers that this one is different.


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