Thinking it Through

I've been kinda "off the scene" this week...and last week while I was under-the-weather.

I'm still kinda recovering in the sense that my every abdominal muscle screams bloody murder at me over inconsequential stuff simply because they're sick-and-tired (as am I) of the continual coughing for now two weeks.

Oh, and I can't seem to get any energy built back up whatsoever.

It's like my first trimester of pregnancy.

But without the pregnant part.

I promise you, no pregnant part. The statute of limitations ran out on that possibility like a gazillion years ago.

But I'm still here and I'm mulling over a million things in my head.

For one, blogging about my Faith.

My Faith and my Beliefs are a very important part of me and my life and I want to write about those things, but at the same time, this is kinda my Mommy Blog to do with life and pictures and The Boy and all that stuff and while there's no separating God from my life (nor should there be) this blog is--in my heart and my mind--lighter and more I dunno....lacking-deep-thought than a blog about my beliefs should be.

So I'm thinking about starting a second blog that's solely for me to write about my beliefs and my views on God and Christianity and such. Of course that blog will be linked to this blog and this blog linked to that blog because I don't feel the need to 'hide' any part of my life from another part of my life. I'm me, and both blogs are a part of me. Which makes me go back and forth on the whole one blog versus two blogs thing.

I dunno.

I'm mulling over it.

And in other topics of thought.



The long story short of it is that earlier this year I was messaging and texting with a guy that's from this area but moved off about an hour away. He came over and hung out and I went to where he lives and we hung out and we just had a great time and hit it off and things were good.

And then they weren't and he vanished.

And it was just kind of "end of story" like that. I couldn't be too mad because, to be honest, I've pulled the disappearing act on guys before, so it was kinda this "getting a dose of your own medicine" type thing for me.

Well, we've been texting again every day for several weeks now.

Only texting.

Which is weird, but convenient, too. I'm not big on phone calls, especially if I may or may not have something to say. But I just get tired of holding a phone to my ear after about 2 minutes.


I'm so not a girl in so many ways that it should be scary, but I'm so 100% girl in all the ways that it matters that I'm okay with it.

But that's a rabbit that I can chase at another point in time.

There's just this big question mark in the air over my head about the whole thing. But I'm trying not to think about the questions of "Is he texting me everyday because he's into me or because he thinks I'm a pretty rockstar person and would make a good friend?".

I don't know.

And to be honest, I've told myself to quit thinking about it. After the vanishing act in March no matter what happens it'll be all in his court.

So he's filed away as strictly a friend and if there ever comes a day when he comes to me and lets me know he wants to be relocated to another category, then I'll pull all these unanswered questions out, mull them over, and then see where to go from there.

But saying that is easier than doing that because, after all, I am still a girl.

Which sucks about as much as it rocks.

So, that's life for me right now.

Oh, and baby boy got a few new characters in his Thomas collection this week.

Emily and Duncan joined the family this week, bringing his total to...umm...six. Three Thomases, a Percy, and now Emily and Duncan.

And I snapped a picture or two of him playing with his trains.

I would say ignore the messes in his floor, but let's be honest, he's a boy. This is CLEAN!

So that's it for my world! I promise I'll be better about updating this week!


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