Funny story.

True story.

The Boy has been keeping insect bites in a particular area of his anatomy and the scratching-to-relieve-the-itching looks very inappropriate.

After six weeks of scratching this area continually (seriously! Why do they keep biting him on the same area!) he came home from Nana and PaPaw's with his scratcher going and I told him, "Alright, get naked and let me take a look at why you can't keep your hands off your pecker" (meaning, "Are you kidding me! You STILL have bites there!")

While he's stripping down I go finish something at the computer.

A minute later I come over to him to find his bottom lip stuck out and quivering.

His voice shook as he asked me, "You're not going to cut if off are you?"

I hugged him up to me and assured him that we don't cut tee-tees off and that I just wanted to see his bug bites and see if they needed any medicine.

At the time I was overwhelmed by how serious he looked and how distraught he was at the idea of losing his best, I laugh every time I think of it!

He's going to hate me someday when I resurrect this story for his friends and girlfriends!


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