Valid Excuses

So, there's a couple reasons for my lack of writing or activity this week.


A Sony Cybershot belonging to a friend of mine. I'm troubleshooting an issue with it and though I'm not sure what I'm doing, to be honest, I have a good idea of what the issue is....I just have to figure out how to crack it open to the point that I can fix it.....

Second project requiring my attention......

This the projected design of what I've spent the last two days painting on the wall in our training room upstairs.

And the thick black stripe is actually where some thinner black stripes are taped off and painted.

The logo will be painted in black and gold, like the decals on our patrol vehicles. The stripes will also be black and gold.

Here's yesterday's progress.

(Caught being goofy with a coworker)

Today, I got the "Sheriff" letters painted black on the inside and filled in the banner around the words "Dallas County"....but I'll have to post those pictures another day. Just wanted to let you know where I was and what I'm up to!

I'm hoping to have some interesting stories to relate to you after Friday night.



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