Because I love you.

I spent the last three evenings at my sister's house painting my love for my nephew onto the wall of his room, which is under transformation from a baby room to a Big Boy room.

A big boy pirate room!

Complete now with a pirate ship painted onto the wall that Aunt Shashey certainly wouldn't do for just anyone!!

Only sweet, cute, smiley little boys who greet me with "SHASHEY!! Choo-choo? Choo-choo!!"

I'm surprised I'm not Aunt Choo-choo! Not that I would ever dream of complaining if I were!

So here is where it all started, the pirate ship is projected so I could sketch it out onto the wall.

Due to paint complications and an accidental shift in the projection (after which it was forbidden that anyone step within a certain perimeter of the projector that I had to leave on the floor in order to get the picture right), that's as much as I was able to get done Monday night.

The next night started with the paint going up.

And finished with the ship about 3/4 done.

My sister repainted the letters that were on the wall in his little boy room to match the new decor in Caden's big boy room!

Yesterday after church, Ty and I went back to my sister's house and I finally completed it!!

The room isn't completed yet, so I'll have to post more pictures when it is. My sister is going to do a super-cute Pirate quilt for his room and my dad is working on a bed for him.

Just to let you know that we don't necessarily do things the traditional way....this is the bed he made for Ty for his big boy room.

So expect great things....but I'll leave it to be a surprise!


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