My eyebrow is twitching.

Apparently that's a sign of Not-Enough-Sleepitis.

Good news, it's not contagious.

Symptoms include feeling like you're dragging around a 1 tonne weight, your body attempts to reject your eyes (as your eyes certainly wouldn't be trying to open when the body is still so very tired), frequent head-jerk reactions as you realize you're drowsing and snap to as much alertness as you can, drool stains on your shirt, and at least one or more mismatched or forgotten clothing items.

Oh yeah, and that feeling that you've forgotten something (other than aforementioned clothing item) but you just can't make your brain focus enough to remember what.

And the possibility that you'll spend at least part of the day with your keyboard imprinted on the side of your face or forehead.

This is the second time in as many weeks where my eyes refuse to open simply because the alarm is going off. I hear the alarm, the alarm is annoying me, but I cannot move to shut the alarm off.

And thus I hear the voice of Albert Brooks with a line from Finding Nemo in my head.

"I'm dead. I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dying, I'm dead!"

What a way to start a week.

But don't let that statement deceive you into thinking it will be a bad week.

Cause that ain't happening. Good weekends can't help but spawn good weeks. And this week, hopefully, will be sandwiched between two good weekends.

Thus the smile.

And the lazy, twitchy left eye.

But still....the smile.


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