Down Memory Lane...

Every family has their little stories that they laugh about for years and years to come.

I was just talking, tonight, to a friend and one of my family's stories came to mind that I had to share with her. And now you.

It goes back a little more than 10 years to my aunt's house in Kansas. The whole family was in for my cousin's wedding.

My mom and dad were in one room upstairs, sleeping. And my Grandma and Pa were in the other room upstairs, sleeping.

Us kids were all downstairs scattered throughout rooms on couches, in chairs, and on air-mattresses.

We had just settled into one of those long moments of silence when we heard the voice of my Grandpa overhead happily shouting, "YEEEEEE-HAW!"

It was one of those mortifying "Oh my gosh...." moments where you hope that what you're afraid is going on isn't actually what's going on.

Turns out, it wasn't. He was asleep.

But we've laughed about it for years ever since!


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