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Guess what?

It's that time again! has offered me another giveaway to my readers!! And as excited as I was before about the 16x20 Rolled Canvas Print, I'm really excited about this new giveaway because it's something I can both enjoy and use!

There are so many times that I run into someone that asks for my cell number or my email address or my website, and what do I do then? Well, since I don't ever remember to put a notepad in my purse, I have to pull out a business card from work that's all black and white and kinda dull all over and write the information they requested on it.

Which is why I'm totally all for this giveaway!! is offering five-hundred business cards to me and two of my readers! That's right! Last time it was one reader, but this time two readers will get free business cards!

Plus they promise not to follow suite of other business card sites who print their logo on the backs of their 'free' cards. These cards will be you and only you!

And the winners don't just get 500 free cards of limited options, colors, or designs.

That's not how does thing.

They'll get to choose between 14pt cardstock (matte or gloss) or a 13pt uncoated cardstock. And for color, they can get color on both sides, color on one side and a black and white backside, or color on one side and a blank backside. And as far as sizes, the winners will have their choice from three different business card sizes, 2"x3.5", 2"x3", or 2"x2".

I'm leaning towards the 2"x2" for myself because it's unique and separates itself from all the other cards.

If you want to stand out, that's a good way to do it!

If you really want to stand out....check out their die cut business cards!

While I'm at it, let me say that I'm not just talking up because they're offering me business cards, I'm bragging on them because I've ordered items through them for my work and was so very pleased with the products I got.

I recently ordered some door-hangers for the office and couldn't be more pleased with them, plus the process was extremely simple.

I created the design I wanted and uploaded the image. They offer a free proof of the product (if you want it), which I selected. The resolution of the image I sent wasn't within the range of resolution they thought would give me the best results, so they called me up, told me what to do, and we got the ball rolling! I uploaded a new file and they sent me a link for the proof. Just a few days later we I got the door-hangers in the mail and couldn't be happier with how great they look!

SO, this is not me as a blogger talking, this is me as a customer talking.

Now, all you have to do to win these business cards is leave me a comment telling me what you would do with your business cards if you won.

On September 11, 2009 I will randomly select the winners and send their name and email address to who will then email the winners instructions and a coupon code to use to get their business cards for free.

That's it!

So get to it!

Oh, and just so you isn't just giving to us....they're doing their best to take as little from the planet as possible.

How great is that!

*The only catch is that the winners will have to pay shipping on the cards, but the shipping rates are very reasonable and definitely worth it for the quality you'll get! If you want to know how much shipping will cost before you enter, you can go to their site and enter a shipping zip code and see how much it will cost.*


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