Holding my Breath

Ty broached a subject yesterday that made me more than a little nervous. Most single moms fear the subjects of Daddies and where he is and does he love them and why is he not there.

Not me.

The blood drained from my face and my palms got all sweaty and my heart stopped in its tracks yesterday when Ty uttered the words, "All my friends have brothers and sisters, but I don't."

This is where I started praying for divine intervention, not only for my words but also so I wouldn't run off the road.

And suddenly the fact that my brother-in-law has taught my nephew to tell my sister "Want baby" is just a little less funny to me. But still funny, it's always a little more funny when it's someone else.


Thank the heavens above he never mentioned or asked for a baby brother or sister.

I don't always think of the best way to word things in situations like that and Baby Boy would have gotten his feelings hurt.

But he let it go. He just sent me into a full-blown panic over what, to him, was just a casual mentioning of a fact.

And I let out a gush of air and resumed breathing again.

Some things Mama might be ready for....but another baby is not currently one of them.


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