Life as it should be.

I love my life!

I'm all ooey-gooey and smiley this morning for a million reasons.

Mostly my little boy.

Because he's just been so full of quirks and cuteness the past week.

Yesterday he told me, "Mama, I certainly am hungry!"

And when we were leaving church and I caught him watching and smiling at his little girlfriend, I asked him if Kendall was a cutie and he said "Kendall's a sweetheart!"

Say it with me now, "Awww!"

And I love our new routine with school. I dislike getting up at 6, but I like that I have time to shower or bathe, read a few messages on the computer, and get all my hair styling devices plugged in and heated up before I wake him, get him in the tub and go start his breakfast.

I really thought I was not going to like this new routine because I like my mornings simple, but I love, love, love getting up and cooking my boy his eggs and bacon and doing some dishes and laundry before I go get myself ready for the day.

I feel more productive that way.

Speaking of mom and sister are professional photographers and we're working on redoing their website plus I'm adding a blog for them to use to announce things and share pictures and such.

The website is basically a skeleton of what it will be. It's a main page to enter through and then a construction page of what it will look like.

But check it out if you will and check out the blog, too and give me some feedback, I've only set up blogs through blogger and MySpace and such, being relatively new to this world, so it was a shock to me to see that instead of having one page with one centralized code to change things....I might have to change 5 different files to get the desired effect I wanted.

Sooooo, I'm still tweaking and playing with the whole look, but please feel free to go look and give me some feedback on it!

That's about it for now, I'm heading back upstairs to paint some more on the wall-logo!


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