It's only fitting to title this "Magic". Afterall, I was outed at church on Wednesday night by the youth for having Selena Gomez's remake of "Magic" as my ringtone.

Fortunately it didn't make me too uncool as I blue-toothed it to one of the girls.

But magic seems to be the pattern my brain is following at the moment.

Except I know that things really aren't magic. As a Christian I know what "magic" really is, but it's still a fun concept.

Friday was an absolutely magical day for me.

I'm sure you've all read this by now and discovered one of the primary sources of my excitement. If you haven't, you must!

Another source of jittery smiles came that evening in the form of a conversation where I was happy to find I smiled at the knowledge that, finally, I could know that a guy likes me and not want to run or hide or find a million little faults or reasons why things would never work with him.

That's my defense mechanism.

One of several, actually.

First is the one where I keep everything absolutely to myself.

Because most guys don't stick around, or haven't in the past at least. So the fewer people that know I'm even talking to anyone, the fewer the people know of my disappointment or share in it with me.

Second is the one where I downplay everything. Because then if things go downhill, my disappointment can be made to seem less than it actually is.

Third is the way I keep a watchful eye out for any faults that give me reason to turn tail and run before he does, because--historically speaking--the guys always find a reason to run.

Which had me wondering for a while what was wrong with me. But (and I'm not saying this to make myself feel better, if you know this you know I'm saying this because it's the truth) it turned out to be more of a case of "what's wrong with him!". Because I'm a rockstar, I'm told.

So I had a little magic Friday night in that I'm learning and growing beyond the knee-jerk reactions I've allowed of myself in the past.

Saturday was even more magic because Ty had a birthday party he went to where there was a magician! And he was great! His attitude and demeanor and the way he interacted with the kids was wonderful! I think the adults enjoyed his silliness as much as the kids enjoyed his slight-of-hand!

So my weekend was magical. And I'm hoping it will carrying on into the coming week.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my blogger friend, Canadian Bald Guy, whose weekend seems to have been pretty magical as well (His girlfriend, Momma Sunshine, threw him his first surprise party ever!)! You two inspire me to continue believing in fairy tales and happily ever after!


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