Pigs with wings..

So, I'm sitting at my computer right now and I'm trying not to cry.

A good cry.

A giddy, thrilled, happy cry.

This day has just been the medicine I needed.

Monday was awesome. Monday, I can't complain about.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, however.

They kinda stank.

I've been in an emotional rut this week and I just kinda reached a place where things felt stagnant. I hate waiting and that seems to be the loop I'm stuck in the past few years.

I also got a really bad phone call last night that blindsided me and resulted in the official, long-overdue termination of a friendship. So it's been more of a challenge to get my smile and my heart to where I needed it to be today.

Let's skip forward to the source of the happiness...
For those of you who have been around since the conception of this blog....you might remember this post.

In it, I talked about this little piggy ring called Fern.

You see, I've come to really and truly wonder if me finding The Man I'm going to marry is going to happen before or after pigs fly. That's been my thing for a couple of years now.

But while wish-listing one day, I came across another ring and knew instantly that I wanted to wear that ring on my wedding day because it just fit where my heart is right now about love and finding a good guy.

So I decided that he, whoever he turns out to be, would have to buy me this ring as a promise ring. If he buy me this ring just to see how it would make me smile....yeah, that's the kind of guy I dream about.

Well, Emitations (the site that sells this ring) read my blog and actually blogged about me blogging about their ring (which of course, I had to blog about their blogging about me blogging about their ring).

I subscribed to their blog and read it regularly. A few weeks back they blogged about their cocktail rings, asking which one you like the most and why.

So of course, I had to chime-in in favor of my favorite little piggy.

Fern is and always will be my favorite!!

She (in complete honesty) has given me SO much hope! After a broken engagement and a string of bad relationships or relationship attempts, I found myself thinking “When pigs fly” as far as love was concerned. I became slightly bitter and very jaded as far as love, dating, and everything related to those two went.

And then two years ago maybe…maybe a little less than that…I found emitations.com and was looking at all the jewelery that I’d love to own someday and there was Fern.

And the thought came into my head that I would wear that ring on my wedding day. Not as my wedding ring, but as my right-hand ring. As my symbol that sometimes the impossible is really possible after all.

So Fern completely changed my view of love. I went from thinking “that guy doesn’t exist” to thinking “he’ll buy me that ring…..he’ll love me so much that he’ll take joy in buying me a silly little piggy ring just to see me light up”.

I’m sure if you were to really analyze it, Fern didn’t really DO all of this for me, but she was the trigger that got the ball rolling. She was exactly what I needed at exactly that time to convince me that love is real and that it will happen at the right time and the right place and with the right guy.

So I want Fern for my own someday, whether a guy buys her for me or not, because I know that someday my version of pigs flying is going to happen, and until then, she’ll give me hope. And after they fly? She’ll become something of a celebrity in our house as I’ll be more than glad to tell my kids and my kids kids and on down the line what Fern is and what she stands for!

Wellllll.....Fern will be joining the family.

Courtesy of Emitations.

And the timing of it couldn't be more perfect. I needed an extra nudge, an extra source of hope to remind me that someday....someday the wait will be worth it.

Fern has given me hope before. She renews that hope today.

Thank you, Emitations. I'm sure you expected I'd be thrilled, I doubt you realized you'd be a much-needed blessing.


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