Take a Chance

Over the past few years I've been trying to make myself step outside of the box. I hate that saying because it's so overused sometimes, but that's the only way I know how to describe it.

I've learned not to live in my own self-prescribed confines. Sure, I am who I am, but that doesn't mean I can't change things up once in a while.

Sometimes good things come from little risks.

You'd laugh if you knew that this whole train of thought was brought on by black and grey argyle knee socks, which I wore to work today.

I saw them and wanted to wear them but didn't feel like wearing slacks, so I threw on some black shorts, a black tank and a green striped v-neck tee and pulled my hair back in a spikey bun.

And voila.

I'm outside of the box.

It's definitely a change up from my favorite ivory brocade Jackie-O style dress and ivory T-pumps. But it's fun. It's unexpected.

And so far it's well received! No negative comment has been made (yet, at least, I have one coworker that I know I can depend on for that, though). Everyone has made comments on how cute I look, I even had one coworker (a 75-year-old man) who called down to tell me that he likes my outfit today!

And I almost didn't wear it because I let the fact that one person would make an ugly comment stop me from receiving the happiness and pride of everyone else's nice comments!

Why is that? Why do we let one little, tiny negative thing cancel out the potential for a whole lot of positive?

So I've been trying to step out and take chances and change things up a bit. Even if I look or act silly, I'm having fun!

And you never know, you might inspire someone else to step outside of their comfort zone, too.


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