Happiness is....

Happiness is laughing over anything or nothing.

Happiness is stealing kisses from a sleeping child.

Happiness is learning to ignore the unimportant.

Happiness is embracing the good and the bad.

Happiness is smiling for no reason.

Happiness is in being forgiven.

Happiness is being comfortable in your own skin.

Happiness is knowing God's Love.

Happiness is opening a door for someone.

Happiness is in believing in whatever you choose to believe in with your whole heart.

Happiness is knowing that you are not alone.

Happiness is in never giving up.

Happiness is having enemies, because enemies can only be had by people who take a stand.

Happiness is that quiet moment when you close your eyes and pray, and all you can think of is every thing that you have to be thankful for.

Happiness is a little boy running in circles through the grass.

Happiness is stepping back and watching someone else discover how to imperfectly do what you could have done perfectly.

Happiness is feeling the sunshine on your skin after a rainstorm.

Happiness is carrying a song in your heart.

Happiness is the moment when your soul is liberated after an act of forgiveness.

Happiness is choosing to find joy even when it's harder than normal.

Happiness is a choice.


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