Have I mentioned

That I love my life?

Cause I do.

Even when baby boy trips over a basketball in the church gym and comes crying to Mama with a carpet burn below his eye.

Because he came to Mama to make it better.

He came to Mama to love him and fix the problems of his precious little world.

Or when Mystery Man is quieter than normal because he's distracted by his shows or is on the phone 
with his friend (that I'll meet tomorrow).

Because when it comes down to time to say goodnight, everything else takes a back burner so he can call me and hear my voice and tell me goodnight and sweet dreams before I close my eyes to go to sleep.

Because there's something about hearing each other's voice before we go to sleep, no matter how briefly it may be.

Even when it's 8:30 at night before I ever get to walk in my door and take my shoes off. The shoes that have been killing my feet all day long.

Because I spent my day at work, earning the money that I need for my little, unbroken family.

Because after work, I went and picked up a kid and brought him to church.

Because after church I went to my parents house and let Ty try on his Optimus Prime Costume.

Because my mom and I went to Walmart together to get Halloween candy and exercise shorts and claimed a few moments of 'us time'.

Because I have a close family that I love and that loves me and because we enjoy every minute we spend together because we've learned the hard way that those opportunities pass too soon.

I love my life.

And each day I go to bed thinking that I could not be any happier than I was today only to wake up and find out I was wrong.


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