I thought it was clever...

There's a flu-shot thing going on in town today where they're giving them out like candy on Halloween.

Except it's Halloween Eve and no one's quite as excited about them as they would be candy.

So my sister and nephew get their flu shots.

And my parents get their flu shots.

And this afternoon Ty and I will get our flu shots.

Just the regular flu shot.

Because no matter what I read or am told my gut is still screaming bloody murder against the H1N1 vaccine.

And I can't ignore my gut.

I just can't.

So we'll get the regular flu vaccine and take extra Vitamin C & D supplements and if it appears either of us comes down with anything that resembles the flu, we'll go to the doctor instead of trying to self-medicate or self-diagnose.

I'm not knocking the vaccine and I'm not typically an anti-vaccine type of gal, but I feel safer leaving it to chance and boosting our immune system this time.

But anyway, so my family is doing the whole flu-shot thing today.

And my mom texts me telling me, "We've been shot!"

My response, "I get your jewelery!"

Good thing she knows I love her!


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