Ooey gooey goodness

Ty's room was a mess yesterday.

I'm talking a disaster area.

I almost had to come to work and see if I could borrow some yellow police line and just call it a loss.

But instead, like any Mean Mama, I told him to get his cute little tushie in there and clean his mess up.

"And don't throw it in the closet this time because I will come in here and dig it out and I will spank you for doing it after I've told you not to."

I'm hardcore like that.


So I go back to the living room and continue tagging 200 of 353 pictures on Facebook only for Facebook to wreck havoc on said tags and give me a million-and-one script errors.

{sarcasm}Love you, too, Facebook!{/sarcasm}

Anyway, about ten minutes later I call in to Ty and tell him Nana & PaPaw will be at the house in a few minutes.

He comes into the living room and stands beside me.

"I didn't clean my room, Mama. I was just sitting in there."

At this point I gave him the Mama look while I process what I'm going to say to him and what punishment he should get for not obeying.


He interrupts my train of thought by saying, "I broke your heart. I just tore it into a million pieces."

He steps closer to me and puts his hand on my leg, continuing, "I'm sorry I didn't obey you Mama, but I'm going to go clean it super-fast and I'll obey you. Just don't cry because it would make me cry if you cried."

He then hugs me and touches my face (I love how he tries to console me the same way I console him!) and tells me, "I'll go clean it super fast! Just don't cry, Mama!"

He then takes off into his room and starts putting things away properly in the minute or two before Nana and Papaw shows up.

And I gushed to Mystery Man about how cute and sweet it was.

And he laughed and told me my boy knows just how to work his Mama!


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