This little piggy came home.

Today's the day.

And I'm smiling from ear to ear and can't stop giggling.

Because she's just so stinkin' cute!!

The ladies over at Emitations have been taunting playfully teasing me all week with knowledge of Fern's whereabouts and her ETA.

Needless to say, I've been more than a little giddy about this all.week.long.

So today it's been all I could do to keep my happy tail at work, knowing that Fern would need me (or my signature, at least) to greet her and welcome her to our family.

Ignore the blurred address. It makes those who love me most feel a little more secure about my life being on the Internet. Since they're gracious enough to love me, I figure I can try to keep their mind at ease.
At 10:20 I went by the house to find this in my mail box.

So I went back to work and tried my very best to quit fidgeting and smiling and checking the clock to see if it was lunchtime yet.

And it wasn't for like ten-gazillion years.

But FINALLY it was and I was off to the post-office in hopes that maybe Mr. Postman went back to the building for lunch and happened to leave it there a few hours earlier than he noted on the slip.

But he didn't.

Thus I was forced to stalk him down.

I think he's psychic. Or it's a small town and he knew who I was before I even had to tell him because he pulled the box out and had it waiting on me before I even got to the truck.

He's nice like that.

So home I went with my box in my lap and a mile-wide smile on my face.

Here's where I must be honest. I planned to video all of this. And I should have. But I didn't.

Patience isn't my thing. I did good to snap a few pictures.

Besides, the video would basically have been giggles and smiles all the way through.

Especailly at this point.

And I think right here is when my heart was in my throat and I was thankful that my silly, giddieness wasn't captured on video, no matter how cute it was!

Welcome to the family. I may not have cried when I first saw you, but now that it's sinking in that you're here....well, it's a good thing.

Thank you Emitations. Thank you with my whole heart.

You have no idea what this little piggy means to me.

For back-story on Fern, what she means to me, and how I got her go here:
Up In The Air
Pigs With Wings


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