Tyisms: Baby

Ty told me this morning, "Mama, I want you to have a baby next year."

{{insert laughter here}}

I don't deny the boy much, but this wish will certainly be denied.

Stepping out

So....my baby is sick.

If you'll remember from this post, my Rebel has been under the weather.

I placed her into good hands to have her shipped off and nursed back to health.

But she'll be gone 6-8 weeks.


My heart hurts.

She'll be gone for Christmas.

All alone in some cold camera hospital.

And the worst part?

The worst part is that....well, I can't wait on her to get back.

I can't lose the memories that will be made in her absence.

(Besides, I seriously need a picture of me and Mystery Man!)

So I'm looking for a temporary fix until she gets back.

A cheap temporary fix.

That's low, I know.

But maybe when she returns she'll consider an ultra-compact like a little brother or sister. Maybe she can be its mentor, because--after all--an ultra-compact will never be able to do for me (or my pictures) what my Rebel can.

There is no replacing her.

There is only getting-by-without-her.

But, still, I feel like a bad person.

That's how you know

Once upon a time....

The best stories always begin that way.

My favorite stories always begin that way.

Which is why it's perfect for this blog.

Because once upon a time there was a guy and a girl.

And they went Christmas shopping.

They ventured through Sams Club and Toys R Us, Target and eventually Walmart.

They went up and down aisles, smiling and laughing and picking out toys for a special little boy.

At every Nerf display the guy would admire the swords that the girl couldn't fathom paying $17-$19 for. Because we'd need two. One for the little kid and one for the big kid.


And in Toys R Us he paused to admire and test out the Transformers 'laptop'.

And at every display for GI Joe or Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the guy would light up and reverted to a 5 year old version of himself.

He would hold the action figures with a look of awe and splendor and wanted it the same way he wanted it almost two decades ago.

And he'd put it back on the shelf and return to the girl with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face much like that of a child on Christmas morning.

And the girl knew she absolutely adored the guy because it thrilled her to see how cute he was and how excited he got over these things.

And, as it always is when they're together, their day was perfect.

Tyisms: Boys and Girls

Ty told Nana yesterday that boys and 'handsome' and 'cool' and girls are 'beautiful' and 'exciting'.

Tyisms: Santa

Ty told me yesterday, "If Santa brings me sticks and coal I'm not going to care for him anymore."

Tyisms: Hottie

Ty told me that everyone was going to think I'm a hottie today in my batman shirt and yellow pony-tail holder.

My poor baby....

My camera is still sick.

I'm fairly confident it's not H1N1, but it's sick. And I'm sad.

Mostly for selfish reasons because I really, really, really want to snap a picture of me and Mystery Man so that I have it to swoon over on the days that 70 miles separates us.

But I'm also sad for my camera.

I've tried everything I can think of, but sometimes a Mama's Love just isn't enough.

So next Saturday, when Mystery Man and I go Christmas shopping (which I'm super excited about!), I'll take my camera to Bedford's in Little Rock and hand it over to Austin. And Austin will send it off and see to it that my little camera gets the care she needs to get rid of her Error 99 illness.

Because I've done everything I can think of. I've tried two different lenses, two different batteries, with the SD card, with a newly formatted SD card, without the SD card...

And Christmas is just around the corner.

And Ty's not getting any less animated or excited or cute.

So a Christmas without my camera isn't an option.

Especially not this Christmas.

Tyisms: Fall

After passing burning leaves, Ty says, "It smells good. That's what Fall smells like."

Tyisms: Justification

Ty's justification for wanting to wear play shoes to church: "Well, Kendyl thinks they look good!"

Baby steps....

Out with the old and in with the new.

It's a theme that starts coming to mind this time of year.

Us moms start making room in the toy-chest for all the new arrivals that will show up Christmas morning.

At work we start closing out the year and getting ready for a new one with new files and folders and clutter.

In our personal lives we start thinking in terms of resolutions.

What have I drug with me through this year that I don't want to carry into next year?

For me, I could do without 5-10 lbs that's cluttering up my waist line.

Oh shutup. Us skinny girls have our flaws, too.

You should be glad to know that instead of rolling your eyes at me.

Yes you.

I saw that.


So it's a thing that's crossing the mind of many people.

And it's been crossing mine.

Because I've been carrying something around that I've been more than ready to chunk out the window for the past three years.

We'll call it the Three Year Curse.

And I'm ready for it to go.

But it's one of those things that a girl can't shake on her own.

She needs a man.

With broad shoulders and legs for lifting.

Kisses and smiles help, too.

Which makes me think that this year could be the year that I shrug off this baggage and leave it behind me.

This year could be the year that I walk, hand-in-hand, into a new year with new and promising adventures. With Mystery Man on one side and my Little Man on the other.

My two favorite guys.

The process has begun.

With baby steps.

I finally feel safe enough to tiptoe out of our little bubble and begin opening up about him and me and us and the good things happening there.

But it's baby steps.

He had to remind me last night, "It's not like we're hiding anything."

And it's not. The hushness and the secrecy and the mystery aren't because anything's being hidden.

Just protected.

But as things grow, they get stronger, and we're no different.

So I'm feeling safer and more capable of facing whatever may face us in the world out there.

In the new year and the new adventures we'll face.


Me and my two favorite guys.

Tyisms: Praying

Ty on praying: "I always like to say little ones so I can get done quicker".

An even sweeter deal

My jaw just hit my chest a moment ago.

Because I'm sitting here, catching up on my blogs via Google Reader and I scroll through to find this one.

Emitations.com (the company that gave me my dear, sweet, beautiful Fern) has marked their animal cocktail rings down by up to 30% (though there were a few that actually appeared to be marked down a little more than that!)

PLUS, when I went to their site I noticed that you can take 20% off of ALL animal cocktail rings by using the coupon code 'ANIMAL' at checkout.

This is a major price break, people!

My dear sweet Fern, who was originally $500 is now listed at $257.25. Take another 20% off and you're getting Fern at close to 60% off of her original price!


And so you know, they haven't asked me to post this. Emitations.com doesn't even realize I'm posting this. But they've done so much for me and they've encouraged me and inspired me in ways they don't even know and I want to give back to them.

Plus, their animal cocktail rings are beautiful and eye-catching and are so fun to wear because of all the conversations and compliments they bring out of people.

Sooo, if you've been waiting for the right time and the sweetest deal, you're probably not going to find one better than this.





Cause Fern makes me smile all the time.


I'm broken.

I feel like half a person.

There's a hole in my life right now and I'm not sure how to fix it.

But I'm trying.

I put on my big girl pants and dismantled my sweet, precious, wonderful camera and am playing doctor with it.

Yes, camera.

My sweet camera is sick.

It's not coughing or sneezing or any of that.

It's worse.

It has an Error 99 code.

So I thought "Hmmm.....maybe the camera body and the 18-55mm lens have been spending too much time together and they're going through a tiff".

So I gave them a little distance and brought in it's faithful standby, the 75-300mm lens.

No dice.

So I've dismantled the whole thing, cleaned all the contacts with a pencil eraser, removed the battery (which is charging) and the SD card and I'm letting it sit and discharge for a while.

And once the battery charges, I shall insert the battery, turn it on and go from there.

Cross your fingers and pray it's not serious cause I'm going to see Mystery Man tomorrow and really am needing to steal a picture of me and him to swoon over when we're not together.


Tyisms: Pumpkins

Ty just came to me, upset that pumpkins aren't in the Orange Song because pumpkins are orange and should be in the Orange Song.

You win.

Dear Mr. Super Glue,

You win.


I am no match for you in both speed or strength.

I concede.


Stuck on You

Tyisms: I Like Your Shirt

Ty just told me he likes my Razorback shirt...it's an OU Sooners shirt.

Tyisms: Nose Hair

Ty quote to Nana: "There's hair in your nose!" To Poppy "there's big hair in your nose that's sticking out!" Nana told him that was his mustache!

The thing about being happy...

...is that sometimes you feel guilty for being as happy as you are.

And the thing about time alone to work and to think is that sometimes that time alone isn't as beneficial as you want.

Take today for instance. Ty's with his grandparents and I wake up happy and in the air and feeling so very blessed, which I am. Don't ever think for an instance that I'm not.

So I get up and start my day with two cups of coffee, even spoiling myself to some caramel syrup in one.

I text back and forth a bit with Mystery Man and the day is good.

Life is good.

So I get on the lawn-mower and start mowing the grass that's needed cutting for more than a month now.

And I sing.

Like I always do.

I sing at the top of my lungs.

First I start with Let the Waters Rise by Mikeschair because that's just soooo my very favorite song right now (aside from Your Hands by JJ Heller, but I don't know that one well enough yet--having only discovered it last night--to go singing it at the top of my lungs in the middle of the free world)

And then I wander through a list of songs until I realize I'm singing Homesick by MercyMe.

Which is one of the most therapeutic songs for me.

Most of the time.

Today it was heart-wrenching and seems to have torn my very soul from my chest.


Because I'm happy.

And he wasn't.

Because I get to experience things he'll never know because he gave up.

He quit.

And I get so mad at him over that.

And then I feel bad because you can't be mad at the dead, right?

But I am. And I wish I could hit him and tell him how selfish he was and how stupid it was that he just gave up and never even tried to find a better day.

Because there are better days.


I've seen my share of low points. And I've savored my share of high and wonderful and mighty points.

And he never will.

Because he quit.

And as much as it hurts me to live without him, it hurts me even more that I resent that his loss can cast an occasional pall on my happiness.

Because I wish so bad that he could have know as much joy as he knew hurt.

I wish so badly that he could see life from my eyes and see that for as much hurt as you endure, you'll find twice as much joy in the long run.

I just wish I had him, alive and happy, instead of this hurt and this anger and this ache.

Tyisms: Best Friends

Aww, Ty just told me, "Mama, you'll always be my best friend and I'll take care of you forever."


So I decided to be all good-mama-like last night and cook supper and such like that.

So we go to the grocery store and get some groceries to make a variation of meals.

And I come home and put them away and set some chicken out to thaw and get some potatoes out that I boiled last night and start fixing supper.

I decided on chicken wrapped in bacon and topped with colby/jack cheese and my hot crash potatoes with a salad.

Baby boy loves salad.

So I get supper cooked and we sit down and are eating and I'm all high and proud of myself because The Boy tells me, "Mama! This is delicious!"

And then he picks up a piece of chicken and starts acting like it's walking across the table and he tells it, "Awww, you're a cute little chicken! I'm sorry they cut your wings off and killded you."

And then he eats it.

And I was done with my chicken.


Tyisms: Chicken

Ty may have just ruined supper for me when he started telling his chicken how cute it is and that he's sorry they cut off its wings and killed it...

Overcoming "He's just a boy"

My son has developed some behaviors that are driving me batty.

And embarrassing the mess out of me, too.

Six months or so ago, my boy was a good, well-behaved boy that got super-excited when we had company over.

Sure, he got rowdy and excited and attention-hungry.

But he was, overall, well mannered.

Now.....well, he's mimicking behaviors I don't approve of.

Nevermind the fact that his vocabulary becomes instantly populated with bathroom-lingo.

Months later I can't seem to get it through to him that I never, ever, ever, EVER want to hear the phrases "dirty underwear", "tootie", "toot", "bootie", "boobies" or anything else bodily or bodily-function related used for entertainment purposes.

And for the last month or so he's been doing this thing where he slaps at his man-region when he's in rambunctious, rowdy-boy mode.

It's annoying, embarrassing, and vulgar.

And I can't get him to quit.

Time-out's not working and warnings never did.

So he's been made aware that warnings are out the window, such offenses (because they are quite offensive to me at the very least) will warrant automatic spanking or time-out.

I know it seems tough to do that, because so many people out there are of the mind that he's "just a boy" when he does this stuff. But I'm of the mind that there's "being a boy" and there's being nasty.

Now I just have to figure out how to let him be a boy, while teaching him not to be vulgar.

And I'm completely open to suggestions and any experiences anyone else has shared with it.

But the "he's just a boy" thing is totally not working with me.