Baby steps....

Out with the old and in with the new.

It's a theme that starts coming to mind this time of year.

Us moms start making room in the toy-chest for all the new arrivals that will show up Christmas morning.

At work we start closing out the year and getting ready for a new one with new files and folders and clutter.

In our personal lives we start thinking in terms of resolutions.

What have I drug with me through this year that I don't want to carry into next year?

For me, I could do without 5-10 lbs that's cluttering up my waist line.

Oh shutup. Us skinny girls have our flaws, too.

You should be glad to know that instead of rolling your eyes at me.

Yes you.

I saw that.


So it's a thing that's crossing the mind of many people.

And it's been crossing mine.

Because I've been carrying something around that I've been more than ready to chunk out the window for the past three years.

We'll call it the Three Year Curse.

And I'm ready for it to go.

But it's one of those things that a girl can't shake on her own.

She needs a man.

With broad shoulders and legs for lifting.

Kisses and smiles help, too.

Which makes me think that this year could be the year that I shrug off this baggage and leave it behind me.

This year could be the year that I walk, hand-in-hand, into a new year with new and promising adventures. With Mystery Man on one side and my Little Man on the other.

My two favorite guys.

The process has begun.

With baby steps.

I finally feel safe enough to tiptoe out of our little bubble and begin opening up about him and me and us and the good things happening there.

But it's baby steps.

He had to remind me last night, "It's not like we're hiding anything."

And it's not. The hushness and the secrecy and the mystery aren't because anything's being hidden.

Just protected.

But as things grow, they get stronger, and we're no different.

So I'm feeling safer and more capable of facing whatever may face us in the world out there.

In the new year and the new adventures we'll face.


Me and my two favorite guys.


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