So I decided to be all good-mama-like last night and cook supper and such like that.

So we go to the grocery store and get some groceries to make a variation of meals.

And I come home and put them away and set some chicken out to thaw and get some potatoes out that I boiled last night and start fixing supper.

I decided on chicken wrapped in bacon and topped with colby/jack cheese and my hot crash potatoes with a salad.

Baby boy loves salad.

So I get supper cooked and we sit down and are eating and I'm all high and proud of myself because The Boy tells me, "Mama! This is delicious!"

And then he picks up a piece of chicken and starts acting like it's walking across the table and he tells it, "Awww, you're a cute little chicken! I'm sorry they cut your wings off and killded you."

And then he eats it.

And I was done with my chicken.



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