Just wanted to say that I love my life.

I love my child.

No matter how poor his listening and obeying seems to be at times.

I love my family.

I love how close we are and how even watching an episode of Modern Marvels on Disneyworld just feels wonderful because there's that simple intimacy of just being there and being close to them.

I love Mystery Man.


I used the L-word.

He is so good to me.

And most importantly, he's so good to my son.

And so is his family, who I also love.

A bit early, I suppose, but they are so sweet and welcoming and I'm so thankful for how they treat me and Ty, as well.

And I love this time of year.

Even though the weather is less-than-perfect and I'm so tired I might wake up with my keyboard imprinted on my forehead, I love that this time of year is filled with smiles and hugs and good food and warm drinks and prayers and Bible Stories and love and giving and peace.

I love my life.

And everyone in it.


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