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Last night as I laid in bed for an hour trying to go to sleep, I kept finding my mind drifting to the topic of newness. With a new year and a still-relatively-new relationship I guess it's normal that I should think of it.

In relationships we all worry about when the new wears off.

Will he still like me?

Will he still find me interesting?

Which of my behaviors will he find annoying or irritating?

But I don't find myself worrying about those things at all. Which is probably why, six months after we got back in contact with each other, I still consider our relationship to have a strong element of 'newness'.

That and the lack of our first fight.

But that's such a nice change. I've fought enough fights to last the both of us a lifetime and I'm sooo not a fighter.

So I go from thinking about newness to thinking about our differences.

Differences that reasonably could lead to arguments, but haven't.

It's interesting how, as I've grown older, I've stopped addressing differences in a, "You must conform to what I think" kind of way and just kind of gloss over them in a, "Cool, we'll balance each other" kind of way.

Because we do balance each other. Even though we're completely alike in countless ways.

So I venture back to my thoughts of newness and the new year and all the exciting and wonderful things I hope it has in store. Though I've never been one for resolutions and such, I've considered a few for this year such as toning my waistline and padding my savings account but my main one is to just be happy and be kind and enjoy every day of this new year, new decade, and still-new relationship.


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