Just One Person

I'm a sucker for a good story. Even a sad story.

Which is why last night I was sitting on my couch watching Extreme Makeover: Home The Muppet Edition.

{Photo Credit: The Muppet Newsflash}
Even though I'm not really a Muppet fan. They were alright when I was my son's age, but now I don't understand the hoopla about them.

I watched anyway.

And was so glad I did because at the end of the show they had a celebration of sorts where they commemorated the homeowner on the show and also gave back to the volunteers who gave their time.

And one of the designers sat at the piano and Kermit started singing a song that moved me more than I can explain.

If just one person believes in you,
Deep enough, and strong enough, believes in you...
Hard enough, and long enough,
It stands to reason, that someone else will think
"If he can do it, I can do it."

And then another muppet stepped in and joined in singing.

Making it: two whole people, who believe in you
Deep enough, and strong enough,
Believe in you.
Hard enough and long enough
There's bound to be some other person who
Believes in making it a threesome,
Making it three.....
People you can say: believe in me.....

And if three whole people,
Why not -- four?
And if four whole people,
Why not--more, and
more, and

And when all those people,
Believe in you,
Deep enough, and strong enough,
Believe in you...
Hard enough, and long enough

It stands to reason that you yourself will
Start to see what everybody sees in you...

And maybe even you,
Can believe in you... too!

The song just moved me because, as a parent especially, I think that's one of the most important things we can do for our children and each other. If we believe in them and we believe in ourselves and we believe in each other then what is there to hold us back? Who would there be to tell us we can't or we shouldn't or we never will?

It just brought to mind a thousand powerful thoughts and feelings.

Some time ago I committed myself to changing me from the inside out. The only place I could find to start was with my attitude. To turn any negativity around, to overwrite the bad with the good. And in doing such a simple thing as that, I can see how--over time--I've become someone I can love even more than before. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not where I used to be either.

Think of the change that could be made if we all committed to do something so simple as smile a little more, give a little more, love a little more, or believe a little more.

What an amazing difference we could make!!


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