Pay It Forward

I subscribe to the blog Gives Me Hope.

Every day I read inspiring and beautiful stories of selflessness, courage, and persistence in the face of hardship or adversity.

At first it caused me to look at myself and realize how blessed and lucky I am. I saw all the blessings I've been given and how easy and relatively untroubled my life is.

And now it's caused me to look at myself and see the ways in which I'm not giving to others. Sure, I have little money to give once my bills are paid, but I have time and smiles and little gestures that can do so much.

Several years ago when I realized that no one holds doors open for anyone anymore, I began opening doors for people. Even if I had to speed up or slow down to do so. Since then, people have begun holding doors open for me. And when they do I always try to look them in the eyes and give them a genuine smile and "Thank you!"

I also realized that I needed to open myself up more. I rarely interacted with people I didn't know or barely knew. If I saw them in the store, I walked on past. So I've tried to hand out smiles as if they are free {which, for those of you who don't realize, they are. ;) } and to say hello to people simply because they made eye-contact with me, whether I know them or not. It may not change them, it may not change their day, but over time it's changed me.

But, I need to do something more.

So I'm opening my eyes and my heart and quietly waiting for God to use me. And until I find out what it is that I'm meant to give, I'll give what it is that I have to give.


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