The case of the missing Facebook friends

Last month when my parents and some family friends traveled together to Seattle I noticed that one day my mom showed up on my Facebook News Feed and the next.....?


I had to go to her page to see her updates because she no longer showed up in my news feed.

Since then I've been asked if I had "defrauded" (de-friended) another person because they noticed the same thing about me.

At around this time I did read that Facebook had set a number limit of the number of friends shown in your News Feed, so I edited that and bumped it up to the max allowed of 5000. Since I only have 700+ friends, everyone should show up again, right?

You would think.

It seems that Facebook has taken the initiative to decide for us who we want to see status updates from the most. Which is why I'm seeing the same people in my feed over and over and over again.

And the people I really want to see?

Well, I have to go to their page and see what they're up to since they're not feed-worthy, according to Facebook.

So today I set out to discover the case of the missing Facebook friends.

{insert CSI: Miami theme song}

(sidenote: Horatio is my hero.)

First I check out my account and privacy settings and find nothing relevant there, so I scroll to the bottom of my news feed. (Note: You have to switch to "Most Recent" instead of "Top News" for it to work)

And then I clicked the "Edit Options" link there at the bottom right.

(P.S. if you're wondering why my Facebook looks so pretty with the gradient background and the rounded corners and the dropped shadow, it's because I'm using Google Chrome with the Beautify Facebook extension)

Back to business.....

After clicking the "Edit Options" link, this screen pops up.

Yes, I have friends that are blocked.

No, I'm not a bad person, I just can not stand seeing any posts that fall in the following categories:
  • MiSUsE oF CApiTaLiZAtioN.
  • Teenage shorthand that should honestly never be used. Ever.
  • Derogative comments and underhanded remarks about others.
  • Fighting via Facebook statuses and comments.
  • The woe-is-me types of people who can NEVER find anything good in their life. Ever.
  • Status spammers.
  • People who use their statuses solely for marketing and popularity purposes.
So those people get cut.


The Number of Friends is the thing I was talking about earlier, this is where I bumped it up to 5000 just to make sure that no one gets left out.

But below that, see the link for "View Recommended Friends"?

You're going to click there.

And it's going to open a window that has all of your friends (in no order, either, which makes it a little inconvenient, but hey, I'm just glad they gave me a way around this!)

The friends that are highlighted in light blue are the ones that Facebook--for some random reason or another--seems to think you should be limited to seeing.

There is no way to de-select these. Believe me. I tried because a few of them are about to make it to the blocked list.

You can go through and select the people that you do want to see that otherwise disappeared from your feed. Those that are not selected won't necessarily not be shown, but they won't be given any sort of priority.

Once you've selected all the friends that you want to make sure you see in your feed, click the little save button at the bottom of that window.

The changes might not show up right away as browsers sometimes have ways of storing settings and such, but if you refresh your window (Ctrl+R) or log out and back in, you should see that your missing friends have been found!


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