If Life Were Like Facebook

I was sitting here thinking back to high school after my High School Reunion post and thinking about how different those times are from these times and how much different social media has made life.

Then I was thinking about how great it would be if you could control life the way you control Social Media. Block the people you don't want to see or hear from, choose the favorites that you want to see more of, and even decide who to add in your life or delete from your life.

If only life were as simple (and easy to control) as Facebook.

Except the stupid viruses and application ads via status updates. But let's just go with the thought anyway.

So I Googled "If Life Were Like Facebook", knowing that someone must have thought of this before me and sure enough! Cracked hosted a photo competition along the same lines of thought, so I decided to share some of their images with you!

I love how the rejection of a friend request could come with an automatic restraining order! Talk about handy!

News would be much less doom and gloom this way!

Yeah....I'm pretty sure he's sent me a friend request before.

Think of all the photo albums we'd have laying around!

And then there's this guy. I'm pretty sure I've gotten a dozen friend requests from him, too! Luckily, in the Facebook world I can block him from ever contacting me again! No such luck in real life, these are the ones you're always doomed to encounter in the grocery store!

But I'm also glad that life is real life because the current viruses that send you a million "L O L (insert link here that spreads the virus to anyone that clicks on it)" messages and wall posts would get really nasty if they were brought into the real world.

And I'm glad that relationships are more than just status updates in the real world. Life would be boring if relationships were just a series of "So-and-so is in a relationship" or "So-and-so is single."

And Pokes.


Pokes would get old after a while if people just went around poking random people.

Maybe it's better that life is life and Facebook is just an addiction.


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