Let them be little

There are so many things about my son that just blow my mind.

He is this amazing little person that completely takes me back on a daily basis.

His imagination far exceeds my own, even as a child.  The things he comes up with and does and says...

He loves to play Mario Bros. on his DSi and now it's also a favorite game to pretend play Mario (or Transformers) by running around the house, jumping and making all the appropriate sound effects.  Jason and PaPaw often get to enjoy the game with him by being Luigi (which he says so adorably!) or Toad or even Bowser.

Oh, and did I mention that the Easter Bunny lives next door to us, too?

In the vacant house that's been empty longer than ours has been occupied.

But the Easter Bunny lives there because Ty just knows on the inside that he does.

And I love the way I get to see things through his eyes.

Such as how PaPaw's fishing boat is actually a ship.

And how, even though he says his toys aren't like the ones on Toy Story that come to life, whenever his stuffed animals (which refer to him as "Daddy", by the way) aren't where he thought he left them, it's because they came to life again after he told them not to.


And I wouldn't be a Mama if I didn't talk about how crazy intelligent my boy is!  Because he is!  And I have it on good authority!  More than one faculty member at the school has mentioned the word 'brilliant', so I'm not about to settle on that point!  But he does pick up quick (when he actually pays attention to me!)

His memory is incredible, too!  He can tell me things about living at my parents house when he was young.  He was 18 months old when we moved out.

And this morning, his innocence made me smile when he told me that he likes The Bakery because they have cookies and they share them with us.

And he likes their cookies.

Except the gingerbread.  He wanted the gingerbread but he didn't know how it tasted and he didn't like how it tasted.  But he likes their other cookies.

This is how he talks, by the way.  He likes to "teach" me.

And he does teach me.  He would never realize it, but the things he does and says and sees and thinks...he teaches me so many amazing little things that I hope to never forget.


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