My Unknown Inspiration

The other day I shared with a friend of mine the color of paint we used in my house on the trim and doors (FYI: Walmart's "Country White" interior paint that you can buy straight off the shelf). I was going through pictures trying to find one that would show her the color in my house and found a picture I'd saved of my bedroom suit from the seller's website that I had posted on another site when I bought the furniture.

I looked at it and then pulled it up in a bigger size.

How odd that I ended up using that wall color as one of the main colors in my room.

And even odder?

The fact that for the last year, the white bedding with subtle blue accents is exactly what I've had in my mind to buy and replace the bedding that I currently have that doesn't quite give the look I want.

I want a bed that looks soooo comfortable and that all but begs me to come lay down and get the best sleep ever in it.

I have a down comforter and a down quilt and I love them both, however, the quilt is ivory and the comforter is white. The quilt can be tucked in on all sides....the comforter cannot.

So by default I thought I'd just get a king size down comforter and let it hang loose on all sides (my super-thick mattress topped with a 4" thick eggcrate requires a king-size to fully cover the queen size mattress, which makes sheet shopping less than productive).

Now, in looking at the above picture, I can tell that they've taken a textured bedspread or coverlet and tucked it in, topping it with various pillows and a blue throw.

Which gave me a light-bulb moment....bedspreads and coverlets are often less expensive than king-size down comforters....and I could still use my existing down underneath the bedspread, so to get this look all I would need to invest in is an ivory bedspread that I like and some throw pillows, a few Euro pillows and maybe a nice blue throw to match my curtains (TJ Maxx, here I come!).

And then this..... (with my cute boy when he was all of two years old)

Could one day look like the bed in the first picture.

Nice inspiration, huh?

And this whole time I never really could quite peg where I'd gotten it from! Funny how that works!

Funny how things like that work.


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