Death by Facebook

I feel like I'm sinking in a Facebook quicksand.

Facebook has been plaguing me for weeks with the "Reply All" feature that takes a seemingly harmless message and turns it into a mass-hysteria reply-all-athon..

Some of these messages I'm not even sure why I was a recipient in the first place.

But I'm still getting 6-10 "reply all" responses a day and oh-my-goodness-I-just-want-to-scream-if-it-doesn't-stop.

That's one of my flaws.

I have no patience for things like this.

And it's Facebook's fault, to be honest.


Who would think to click the little "Reply" link to the right of the Replier's name when there's a big blue "Reply All" button tempting you to spam the other 2,463 recipients of the message with your comments that are really just intended for the sender of the message?

And I'm not being snarky to those who click Reply All instead of the little Reply link, because sometimes you just do it before you realize it, I've been there and done that, too. I'm aiming this towards Facebook who should have made both options easier to distinguish between, or at least given recipients an option to "opt out" of receiving future messages from that thread.

Because for those of us with Facebook Mobile set up, this means we get three times the fun!  Not only do we get to read it on our phone, but we also get to read it in our email notification AND when we log on to Facebook it's going to make us read it again before we get to delete it.

Awesomeness, Facebook.

I think this is where my High School Government teacher would say something about someone deserving to have flaming bamboo thrust under their fingernails.


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