The Elephant in the Room

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Okay, it's Monday morning and a heck of a Monday morning at that after losing a lot of sleep this weekend, so how about we start it off with a smile and talk about this cute little guy to the right.

Except the 'baby elephant' in our story isn't of the same species as this baby elephant.

Saturday evening Jason, Ty and I grilled supper and ate on the back patio, enjoying my yard and patio that I finally uncovered from the winter leaves and pine-straw.

You have no idea how much work went into this pile of leaves and pine straw....nor how big of an accomplishment it is because normally I'm allergic to this kind of work!

Moving on with the story.

So we're all sitting around the table after eating grilled shrimp, grilled free-steaks (the best kind of steak!), grilled corn on the cob, and roasted squash and zucchini, followed by strawberry shortcake.  So we're miserably full and Jason leans back in his chair and Ty asks him if he has a fat belly (meaning full belly, it's something he's picked up from family friends of ours).

Jason tells him he does and Ty reaches over to rub Jason's belly (also something picked up from family friends) and I warn Ty to be careful because Jason has a baby elephant in his pocket (credit where credit is due, I also picked that up from the same family friends that Ty learned that fat bellies need rubbed).

So of course, Ty get excited and starts trying to feel of Jason's pockets (while Jason repeatedly tries to keep Ty's hands away) and Ty asks to see Jason's baby elephant.

"He's asleep," Jason tells him.

"Wake him up!  Pull him out!"

Of course Jason and I are dying laughing and Jason's giving me this "Thanks babe....." look that makes it all the more funny!

Ty even gets out a small elephant squeaky toy that was his dogs when we had the beagles and shows Jason his baby elephant and that his squeaks!

Of course I had to call someone and tell them the story (while it was still progressing, though I'm not going to repeat what Jason claims my son said during this time!)  Since Jason wouldn't let me call his best friend, Jesse, I did what any girl would do!

*Le sigh*  How handsome is he!
I called my sister.

And my mom.

And wrote a blog about it!

Good thing he loves me.

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  1. You are SO bad to post that! I told Jason that I tried to teach you to do right but your daddy's influence just keeps popping out!!