For posterity's sake

I posted a Facebook status the other day on an incident that occurred in my house on Tuesday night and I decided that I needed to document it here, for posterity's sake.

And in case I ever get my blog printed as a book, then I'd have it forever and ever and ever to remind my child of all the little boy things he did as a kid.

The Facebook status read,
"The difference between girls and boys: When a girl runs out of toilet paper and sees it's not enough for the remainder of the job, she would wiggle over to the closet and get one of the 9 rolls out of the closet and use it. A boy, however, would get the bath towel of the rack and try to use it, but after one wipe would see that it's too bulky and would pull his sock off and use it instead. Awesome."
The incident happened as I was trying to get Ty in the bathtub and he had to pause to answer a more urgent call of nature.

Which happened to take 10 minutes.

Which baffles me because I'm a 2 minutes max kind of gal, but that's another conversation for another time.

So he's taking for-ev-er to get his business done so I go ahead and shut the water in the tub off and tell him I'll be out watering the flowers.

I come back in to an [sarcasm] amazing [/sarcasm] aroma and find Ty sitting in the floor in nothing but a sock (which he's tugging on).

He gets the deer-in-the-headlights look and I ask him what he did and he simply says "We ran out of toilet paper".

Last time we ran out of toilet paper it was because there was a half a roll in the toilet (which mean Mama made him dig out himself), fortunately this was not the case this time.

There was, however, little boy #2 smeared all over the toilet seat, which distracted me from the rest of the mess until he was in the tub.

After I got the seat cleaned off I then discovered a towel on the floor that was on the rack.

And on the towel was a brown streak.

And on the towel next to the brown streak there was a sock.

And on the sock there were multiple brown streaks.

Awesomeness, right?

Not as awesome as when he's a teenager and I repost this blog for his 16th birthday. :)


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