Mama was Right

There, I said it.

She was right.

And on more than one occasion.

But tonight/this morning I'm talking about when I was a teenager and we had the discussion of how late I could stay out and she made the comment that there's nothing worth doing that's going on after a certain hour of the night.

Which is why, though we were never given a curfew, we were expected to be responsible and be home at a reasonable hour, and also up in the morning at a reasonable hour, too.

Well, she was right.

I'm not sure what woke me up right at 3 a.m. but it's only minutes away from 4 a.m. and there is nothing worth doing that's going on right now.

I could get up and exercise myself into an achy, tired stupor until my body had no choice but to fall asleep, but then I'd most likely wake Ty up since I can't really go anywhere to exercise with my boy asleep here in the house.

I would read but that's a double-edged sword.  I might get tired and go on to sleep if I start a book now, or I might get so into it that I finish it about the time my alarm goes off at 6:30.

And a little more sleep would be much nicer than finishing a book that I hadn't planned to start reading.

I could get on up and shower and start my day almost 3 hours earlier than I normally do (the snooze button is my friend).  But that just doesn't even come close to appealing to me.

It's dark and warm and my bed is so comfy and snuggly and lovable.

Sleep is the problem.

For some reason, I'm tired enough, I just can't seem to slow my brain from wanting to go to sleep to the actual going to sleep.

Mama was sooooo right.  There is NOTHING worth doing at this hour.

My Not So Big Life

There's a series of home and home improvement books by Sarah Susanka that I want to read so badly.

They start with The Not So Big House and go through Creating the Not So Big HouseNot So Big RemodelingOutside the Not So Big's a bunch of books on how to make the most of a not so big house.

And I feel like God's tugging on me to explore that train of thought.

Money's not getting any easier to deal with right now.

And I'm not the only one with those problems.  I know that.

But I feel like God is trying to tell me to make the most of what I have.

I don't have a big house, but I do have so much.

I've recently read about a large family that, not by choice, simplified and condensed down into a much smaller home and are making the most of their situation.

And loving it.

And it's caused me to realize that I should be doing the same.


Use what I have, however I'm able to.

So that's the direction that my heart and thoughts are going in right now.

I just have to see where they're going to lead.

Making it Official

Look what I finally have outside my door....

But it's not just me.

I put one outside the Sheriff's Door....

And everyone else's too.

My inspiration.
For several years I've been hoping for nameplates outside of everyone's doors so that officials, visitors, and other agencies that come through can find their way to the right office.

During this time I've been eying some ClearLook office signs that run from $24.95 to $32.95 (each), depending on what size we want.

With 13 offices that need signs we'd be looking at anywhere between $350-$450 for signs (including tax and shipping).

Figuring our budget could be more wisely spent elsewhere, I've never brought it up.

Until recently when I wondered if I couldn't make something similar to it myself.

All I'd need is some plexi-glass and some way to mount them and hold the paper in the center of the glasses.

So I piddled with sizes and decided that, if I could do it myself, 9"x4" would probably be the best size for what I wanted.  Then I called up a very good friend, Leland Gilliam, who owns Camden Glass and Overhead Door (in Camden, AR) to get a price on some 1/8" plexi cut to that size.

And the very next day his wife Lisa, who I also adore, dropped off 30 pieces cut down to size and insisted that they wanted to donate them to the Sheriff's Office.

Since then they sat on my desk, challenging me to figure out exactly what I was going to do and how I was going to do it.

The main problems were:
  1. How am I going to attach these to the wall and get the metal bolted effect without actually drilling a hole into these and risking messing up the plexiglass?
  2. The design idea was to have a 8"x3" sheet of paper centered between two 9"x4" sheets of plexiglass.  How do I get the paper to stay centered without having to unbolt or unfasten the signs whenever a name or title needs to be changed?
  3. How do I get the look of metal fasteners or bolts or whatever you want to call them without actually using them, and again, without having to drill the plexiglass.
So, I've asked around for suggestions and found myself at a dead end.

And then about a week ago I was telling Jason this brilliant idea I had for an adorable spice-rack (if I were the kind to actually cook or use spices) and I start searching Amazon for the necessary items to wishlist so that someday when I have money to spend on such things, I'll have those items already discovered and wishlisted.

While searching for a certain size of ultra-strong magnets I discovered the wrong size (right) and realized that not only would those be the perfect size for what I wanted to do, but they'd solve the entire issue of getting the metal look without drilling holes.

So I ordered 100 itty-bitty but super-mighty magnets.

After that I designed the signs.

Keeping in mind that the female population here is the absolute minority, I went with something clean and professional looking.  No frills, no 'pretty' fonts, and no feminine flourishes.

Just a standard outline, an interesting yet masculine font, and of course the Sheriff's Office logo.  Instead of printing it on standard copier paper, I got some paper from an Artist Sketch Pad (a brilliant idea I borrowed from a creative genius that I know and love) and printed it on there.

After cutting the signs down to size, I attached them to the center of one piece of plexi with Scotch Double Stick tape and then super-glued one little magnet to the four corners of that plexiglass.

To make sure that the magnets on the top sheet of the plexiglass matched the magnets on the bottom sheet (something that I almost didn't think of) and to make sure that they were lined up close enough to look like a solid bar, I set the top sheet of plexiglass directly on the bottom sheet and dropped four drops of super glue where the magnets on the bottom sheet were.  Then all I had to do was pry a magnet loose (which wasn't as easy as you'd think, the jokers are not only little but they're STRONG) and get it anywhere near the other magnet that it'd be paired with.

After that I got some Duck permanent double-sided foam mounting tape and stuck two pieces to the back of the bottom sheet of plexiglass and mounted them to the walls outside everyone's offices.

Totaling the project up, including shipping tape, ink, paper and magnets, the whole project cost less than $50, so I'm proud of how well it turned out and how much it saved the county in doing it myself!

Happy Boy's Day

My family was explaining the concept of Mother's Day to Ty this weekend, trying to help him understand that it's the one day of the year where Mama is everything and everyone else takes a back seat for at least an hour or two of the day.

In response, Ty asked us "When's Boy's Day?"

I told him simply that there's not a boy's day.

Which of course he had to know why there wasn't a boy's day.

Jason's oh-so-truer-than-true response, "Because you get every other day of the year."

Some day Ty will understand exactly how true that statement is!

Hope all you Mamas out there had a wonderful and heart-warming Mother's Day!  My family and my boy both spoiled me and I got to spend a wonderful day with my family, including my grandma who has been down visiting us this past week so I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!

Cleaning it Up

For as much as I love Facebook, it sure can be a drag some days.

It seems like I use the "Hide" button more than I use the like button some days.

I don't want my days to be filled with negativity and drama and hostility, so for people who continually post nothing but these types of posts I inevitably end up hiding them from my feed.

It's my conscious effort to make a better person of myself.

I can decide to be happy and optimistic and enjoy my life.  Or I can decide to nitpick everything, instigate or perpetuate arguments or disagreements or cast a gloomy pall on everything my life, words, and attitude come in contact with.

So I choose to be happy.  That is my choice.

Which is why I love reading statuses that are uplifting, encouraging, and promote love and friendship.

Or even silly statuses.

Especially the ones about our kids and the sweet and precious and often-hilarious things that they're always doing!

And I don't mind the statuses of trials or heartbreak or difficulty.

Really, I don't.

I've been there and I've seen the other side of many of those types of situations.  My heart goes out to those who endure these times.

It's just the ones who choose to be defeated by these times that bother me.  The ones who give up and wallow in their bitterness and use it as an excuse to hurt others and themselves.

I wish I could change things for them.

But all I can do is prevent them from changing things for me.


I have several things to mention but not many actual stories to tell, so I just decided to list them in bullets for posterity's sake.
  • My car should be fixed sometime this week.  I miss it even though I'm enjoying the heck out of the Santa Fe that I'm driving in the meantime.
  • My cousin got married this past weekend and all the kids, grandkids, and now great-grandkids from my mom's side of the family were finally all together for the first time since PaPa's funeral in 1994.
  • Jason tried to kill me by suggesting I roll down my window so he could flick a dangling spider out of the car as I drove down the road (any guesses where the wind blew it when I rolled the window down?)
  • Jason has another woman making moves on him and I can't even refer to her as a hussie because it's my very own grandma.
  • Ty's pre-school class is going to the zoo on Friday and Jason and I are going with them.  (Grandma is too, but I'll  be keeping my eye on her)
  • I cannot seem to get a good night's sleep if my life depended on it.
  • Jason & I are going to Shreveport this coming Saturday for a wedding reception for one of his fraternity brothers.
  • I ordered my blogger appreciation prize from yesterday and I'm pretty excited about it.
  • I painted a desk for my bedroom last week and didn't put any poly on the top of it, so now I have to repaint the top.  (Props to me for not thinking that one through!)
  • I'm throwing around ideas for my blog....I want to do something that motivates me on a weekly basis.  I'm constantly wish-listing on Amazon or going through DIY websites so I thought of featuring something on cute fashion finds or neat decorative, craft, or landscaping ideas that might inspire myself as well as others.  I just can't seem to put my finger on exactly what I want to do, though I still plan for the bulk of the blog to be as it is, about me and my life and the wonderful people that share it with me.
  • My mom and sister took some amazing pictures of Jason, Ty and I, as well as of our family and such and I'm sitting here trying not to tap my toe in anticipation.....but I'm super ready to see them.
So, that's kinda the theme of my thoughts right now.

Hope all is well on your end of the Internet.