I have several things to mention but not many actual stories to tell, so I just decided to list them in bullets for posterity's sake.
  • My car should be fixed sometime this week.  I miss it even though I'm enjoying the heck out of the Santa Fe that I'm driving in the meantime.
  • My cousin got married this past weekend and all the kids, grandkids, and now great-grandkids from my mom's side of the family were finally all together for the first time since PaPa's funeral in 1994.
  • Jason tried to kill me by suggesting I roll down my window so he could flick a dangling spider out of the car as I drove down the road (any guesses where the wind blew it when I rolled the window down?)
  • Jason has another woman making moves on him and I can't even refer to her as a hussie because it's my very own grandma.
  • Ty's pre-school class is going to the zoo on Friday and Jason and I are going with them.  (Grandma is too, but I'll  be keeping my eye on her)
  • I cannot seem to get a good night's sleep if my life depended on it.
  • Jason & I are going to Shreveport this coming Saturday for a wedding reception for one of his fraternity brothers.
  • I ordered my blogger appreciation prize from UPrinting.com yesterday and I'm pretty excited about it.
  • I painted a desk for my bedroom last week and didn't put any poly on the top of it, so now I have to repaint the top.  (Props to me for not thinking that one through!)
  • I'm throwing around ideas for my blog....I want to do something that motivates me on a weekly basis.  I'm constantly wish-listing on Amazon or going through DIY websites so I thought of featuring something on cute fashion finds or neat decorative, craft, or landscaping ideas that might inspire myself as well as others.  I just can't seem to put my finger on exactly what I want to do, though I still plan for the bulk of the blog to be as it is, about me and my life and the wonderful people that share it with me.
  • My mom and sister took some amazing pictures of Jason, Ty and I, as well as of our family and such and I'm sitting here trying not to tap my toe in anticipation.....but I'm super ready to see them.
So, that's kinda the theme of my thoughts right now.

Hope all is well on your end of the Internet.


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