Cleaning it Up

For as much as I love Facebook, it sure can be a drag some days.

It seems like I use the "Hide" button more than I use the like button some days.

I don't want my days to be filled with negativity and drama and hostility, so for people who continually post nothing but these types of posts I inevitably end up hiding them from my feed.

It's my conscious effort to make a better person of myself.

I can decide to be happy and optimistic and enjoy my life.  Or I can decide to nitpick everything, instigate or perpetuate arguments or disagreements or cast a gloomy pall on everything my life, words, and attitude come in contact with.

So I choose to be happy.  That is my choice.

Which is why I love reading statuses that are uplifting, encouraging, and promote love and friendship.

Or even silly statuses.

Especially the ones about our kids and the sweet and precious and often-hilarious things that they're always doing!

And I don't mind the statuses of trials or heartbreak or difficulty.

Really, I don't.

I've been there and I've seen the other side of many of those types of situations.  My heart goes out to those who endure these times.

It's just the ones who choose to be defeated by these times that bother me.  The ones who give up and wallow in their bitterness and use it as an excuse to hurt others and themselves.

I wish I could change things for them.

But all I can do is prevent them from changing things for me.


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